APS News

August/September 2006 (Volume 15, Number 8)


APS Awards 27 Minority Scholarships for 2006-2007
Students will receive mentorship and scholarship funds for tuition, room and board, and educational materials.
Student Member Survey Fosters Two-Way Communication
Physics Today, reduced meeting registration, and career advice rated top membership benefits for students.
Outreach Project Seeks APS Member Volunteers
Story-based "Physics Quest" seeks broader local participation.
"A New World View" Hits the Road
APS-commissioned artwork debuts at Maryland Science Center in Baltimore.
Blewett Scholarship Helps Mother of Two Return to Full-Time Research
Elizabeth Freeland is the second recipient of scholarship for early-career women physicists.
High School Teachers Conduct Gravity-Defying Experiments
Studying free-floating robots, magnetism, and granular materials in an electrical field in Zero-G among many experiments conducted aboard NASA's "Weightless Wonder.
All Aboard the "Vomit Comet"
APS staffer Vinaya Sathyasheelappa shares his experience on NASA's "Weightless Wonder."
US Team Garners 4 Gold, 1 Silver at Physics Olympiad in Singapore
Team makes strong showing in largest Olympiad event ever, with 383 competitors from 86 different nations.
Professional Skills Development for Women Physicists
Do you want to improve your negotiation skills? Do you have great ideas that you want to communicate to your colleagues?


Letters from the Middle East
Reports from 2 Lebanese and one Israeli members of APS on life and physics in war time.
Thinking Outside the Bomb-Box — Advanced LIGO Will Be Swimming in Gravity Wave Signals; Headline Misrepresents the Data — Admiral's Chart Not Definitive — US Nuclear Deterrence Strategy is a Disingenuous and Dangerous Fallacy — We Must Separate Science from Dogma
Viewpoint: Wen Ho Lee's Settlement
What happened and why
Inside the Beltway
Energy on my mind
The Back Page
Containing Nuclear Proliferation


Members in the Media
Quotes from APS members featured in other publications
This Month in Physics History
August 1913: Robert Millikan Reports His Oil Drop Results
International News
An open invitation to APS members to form Iranian-American physicists network group.
Ask the Ethicist
Pondering a Possible Retraction Infraction

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