APS News

June 2005 (Volume 14, Number 6)


New Experiment Casts Doubt on Elusive Pentaquark
CEBAF finds no evidence for a five-quark particle.
April APS Prize Recipients
APS prizes and awards sponsored by various units participating in the April meeting
APS Picks Grand Prize Winner in PhysicsQuest Competition
A ninth-grade class from St. Albert Catholic Schools in Concil Bluffs, Iowa, wins the luck of the draw over 86 other correct entries.
Did Einstein Get it Wrong?
Einstein’s Biggest Blunder
Newest Topical Group Holds Sessions at 2005 March Meeting
Topical Group on Quantum Information, Concepts and Computation strives to bring together a "vertically integrated community of researchers."
RHIC Detects Liquid State of Quark-Gluon Matter
Expected plasma state turns out to be more like a liquid, analysis finds.
New Results Hint at Strangely Magnetic Proton
JLab scientists find evidence that strange quarks may contribute to the proton's magnetic moment.
Global Event Celebrates Physics on Anniversary of Einstein's Death
Worldwide optical relay involved some 120,000 participants around the globe.
Globalization of Science Brings Visa, Workforce Issues to the Fore
US reliance on foreign-born workers could weaken future consortium efforts as talent pool continues to shrink.
Scientists Make First Measurement on Ni-78 Half-Life
Result may be important for heavy-element synthesis.
Deep2 Data Suggests Fine Structure Constant Doesn't Change
Redshift survey may also reveal properties of dark energy
Human Rights Session Mirrors Einstein’s Lifelong Interests
Five speakers at March meeting recall struggles around the world.
Four APS Presidents Remembered In Council Resolutions
The APS lost four former Presidents since the last April meeting.
Pais Prize Debuts at April Meeting.
The APS has awarded the Pais Prize, named after the late distinguished physicist and historian Abraham Pais, for the first time at its April Meeting in Tampa
Council Statements Address Research Funding, Power Lines, and Advice for Congress.
At its April meeting, Council passed three statements expressing the views of the Society on a variety of issues, including:. research funding for the sciences, the alleged hazards of electric power lines, and the need for Congress to obtain adequate and timely advice on scientific and technical matters.
International News
Iranian string theorist Hessamaddin Arfaei delivers Beller Lecture, promotes international collaboration


The Back Page
Senator Jeff Bingaman on maintaining America's competitive edge.
Letters from our readers: Progress By the Numbers is Not the Whole Story — Author Disputes APS News article, and Einstein too


This Month in Physics History
Einstein's Attitudes Towards Women by guest columnist Nina Byers
Washington Dispatch
A bi-monthly update from the APS Office of Public Affairs
Zero Gravity: The Lighter Side of Science
2004 Pigasus Awards

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