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March 1999 (Volume 8, Number 3)

Centennial Stuff for Sale

Books, posters, CD-ROMS, and an assortment of novelty items are among the kinds of merchandise that will be available for purchase at the APS Centennial Meeting in Atlanta later this month. A few specific items include:

APS Timeline Wall Chart: "A Century of Physics"

A compilation of photographs and text highlighting major developments and contributions of physics throughout the 20th century, displayed on eleven 40"x 26". It will be distributed to high schools, junior colleges and universities, with a teachers guide, as a gift from the APS, and to science centers and libraries. Individuals may order copies at the Centennial and through the URL: timeline.aps.org/.

More Things in Heaven and Earth- Special pre-publication offer for APS members expires March 20, 1999.
More Things in Heaven and Earth.

Physics in the 20th Century

A lavishly illustrated coffee-table book, published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. The book is intended for the general public with text by the well-known Washington Post science writer Curt Suplee and over 200 illustrations. Physicists will enjoy sharing this with their non-physicists friends and family. It will be available at the Centennial Meeting at a 40% reduced, pre-publication price of $29.95.

More Things in Heaven and Earth

A hard-bound book containing articles from the special issue of Reviews of Modern Physics commemorating the APS Centennial. Approximately 50 articles, written by distinguished physicists, with topics ranging from particle physics through applications to other areas. It will also include a section on historical perspectives, written by some of the people who helped create its history. A special pre-publication 40% off offer for APS members expires March 20, 1999.

Prominent Physicists of the 20th Century CD-ROM
Prominent Physicists of the 20th Century CD-ROM

Miscellaneous Merchandise

A wide assortment of T-shirts, coffee mugs, buttons, and bumper stickers will be available for purchase at the Centennial Meeting, featuring various APS-related logos, as well as selected entertaining slogans suggested by our own members in last year's slogan contest. [See APS News, October 1998]

Prominent Physicists of the 20th Century

A collection of approximately 200 portraits of late physicists available on CD-ROM, intended to provide a pictorial history of distinguished physicists throughout the last century. Indexed alphabetically, including birth and death dates, and a short description of the subject's contribution to physics.

Brainy Babies (Photo from Brainy Babies website)
Brainy Babies
Photo credit: Brainy Babies

Einstein and Franklin Brainy Babies

Brainy Babies are small stuffed caricatures of famous historical figures known for their genius and/or ingenuity. A limited quantity of standard-sized Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin Brainy Babies will be offered for sale at the APS Centennial Meeting in Atlanta, along with smaller figures on keychains.

Brainy Babies were created by Susan Forkin and Kevin O'Donnell in the wake of the Beanie Babies craze to provide young children with better role models from many different fields. Other figures currently represented include Leonardo Da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, Confucious, Shakespeare, and Beethoven. [Yes, we're waiting for them to introduce a Marie Curie Brainy Baby, too.] The company maintains a colorful Web site [http://www.brainybabies.com] that is geared to children, featuring biographical information on each subject and interactive cartoons and games, as well as Web links to additional educational sites related to each figure.

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Editor: Barrett H. Ripin
Associate Editor: Jennifer Ouellette

March 1999 (Volume 8, Number 3)

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