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University of Notre Dame

Updated: November 20, 2012

How many tenure-track or tenured faculty -- male/female?


How many graduate students-- male/female?


How many post doctoral associates - male/female?


Is there a family leave policy for graduate students? If so, describe.

For pregancies, there is a 6 weeks medical leave which is supplemented by work load reduction for a semester through a Childbirth and Adoption Accomodation Policy

Is there family health insurance for graduate students? If so, is it included in the stipend?

Yes, this is available, but is not included in the stipend.

Please describe why someone applying to graduate school who is interested in a female-friendly department should choose your department.

Notre Dame has had a long history of hiring female professors and has also worked hard to have a supportive environment for female graduate students. We have had approximately 25% female graduate students for the last 10 years.

For years, we have offered a summmer program for new students starting in the fall. That summer program helps prepare students for a preliminary exam, gives students preparation for teaching, and helps form the collaborative environment in which women thrive.

Has the institution had a Climate for Women in Physics Site Visit or Gender Equity Conversation?


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