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Old Dominion University

Updated: December 12, 2015

How many tenure-track or tenured faculty -- male/female?


How many graduate students-- male/female?


How many post doctoral associates - male/female?


Is there a family leave policy for graduate students? If so, describe.

There is no official University family leave policy for students. The Department, however, works with both students and faculty to provide accommodation when leave is required.

Is there family health insurance for graduate students? If so, is it included in the stipend?

ODU does not provide family health insurance for graduate students at this time. Subsidized health insurance through United HealthCare is available for graduate students who receive a stipend of $5000 or more a semester. Students pay for enrollment each semester and then receive a subsidy (taxable) to help defray the cost of the insurance. For academic year 2015-2016, the subsidy reimburses students approximately 60% of the cost of the insurance.

Please describe why someone applying to graduate school who is interested in a female-friendly department should choose your department.

We believe that we have created a welcoming and supportive environment at ODU for women in Physics. We have 13 female graduate students and two female faculty members (Gail Dodge and Lepsha Vuskovic). Gail and Lepsha host a "Women in Physics" dinner twice per semester at their homes. These dinners include undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral research associates and faculty. The dinners are one avenue for enabling female members of the Department to meet, support and mentor each other.

Has the institution had a Climate for Women in Physics Site Visit or Gender Equity Conversation?


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