APS Innovation Fund

The APS Innovation Fund encourages collaborative partnerships among APS members, APS Units and Committees, and APS staff to develop new approaches to advancing the interests of the physics community.

APS will award grants ranging from $25,000-$100,000/year for up to two years (dependent on satisfactory progress) to each of 3-5 projects. After two years, funded projects will either end, obtain outside funding, or be deemed important enough to be integrated into APS’s operating budget.

The deadline to apply has passed.

Innovation Fund Logo


Innovation Fund proposals could include, but are not limited to:

  • A task force, workshop, or study to explore a critical issue facing the physics community
  • An innovative public engagement experiment
  • A new approach to science advocacy
  • A means to advance key APS member interests including diversity, careers, education, or member services
  • A path to enable APS to have greater industry engagement or global impact

Proposals should not support:

  • Existing activities
  • Physics research
  • Salaries of graduate students or staff running existing efforts

Selection Criteria

Selection will occur in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Any current APS member or staff can submit a preliminary proposal. All proposals must identify at least one partnering Unit or Committee
  • Phase 2: Up to 10 pre-proposals will be selected to proceed to submission of a full proposal

Preliminary proposals will be evaluated by the Innovation Fund Committee (David Gross (co-chair), Ted Hodapp (co-chair), Andrea Liu, John Rumble, Francis Slakey). Proposals must be:

  • Relevant: Aligns with the APS Strategic Plan
  • Beneficial: Advances the interests of the physics community
  • Innovative: Enables creative ideas that are not a continuation of current activities
  • Measurable: Provides clear metrics for assessing the expected results

Application & Selection Process

March 18, 2019:
Deadline for submission of preliminary proposals
(Guidelines for Units, Committees, and Staff)

March 18-25, 2019:
Units and Committees are contacted for comment on pre-proposals

April, 2019:
Proposals reviewed by the Innovation Fund Committee

April-May, 2019:
Finalists are notified and asked to develop a full proposal in collaboration with APS staff.

June 15, 2019:
Deadline for finalists to submit full proposals

August, 2019:
Grant recipients are notified