Undergraduate Physics Curricula and Tools

Research-Based Curricula for Introductory Physics

Interactive Lecture Demonstrations
Demonstrations that involve students in making and testing predictions; developed by David Sokoloff and Ron Thornton.

Just-in-Time Teaching
An internet-based approach that builds instruction around questions posed to students the night before each class, developed by Gregor Novak at IU-PUI and Evelyn Patterson of the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Research-Based Curricula for Future Elementary Teachers

Physics and Everyday Thinking (PET)
A highly interactive, hands-on introductory course suitable for preservice elementary teachers; developed by Fred Goldberg at San Diego State University.

Powerful Ideas in Physical Science (PIPS)
A six-volume inquiry-based curriculum from AAPT for future elementary teachers.

Curricula for Other Physics Courses

Paradigms in Physics
The Paradigms in Physics Program at Oregon State University is a restructuring of the traditional upper-division curriculum to be more modern, more flexible, and more inclusive.

Other Resources

References to Support the Guidelines for Self-Study and External Evaluation of Undergraduate Physics Programs Format - PDF
A list of references from AAPT.

Content Assessment Resources
A list of resources for research-based content assessments for undergraduate physics courses.

Physical Science Resource Center
A web-based databank that provides K-20 teachers links to a wide range of teaching and learning resources in the physical sciences.