Content Assessment Resources

North Carolina State University 
Assessment Instrument Information Page lists student assessments for many areas of physics.

University of Maryland Physics Education Research Group (PERG) 
A discussion of surveys and assessments for evaluating understanding of physics-related concepts.

Arizona State Physics Education Research page
Assessments and programs developed at Arizona State University, including the Force Concept Inventory. This page also includes published research articles.

“Interactive-engagement vs traditional methods: A six-thousand student survey of mechanics test data for introductory physics courses.” Format - PDF
This seminal paper show that teaching methods affect student conceptual understanding of introductory mechanics.
R. R. Hake, American Journal of Physics 66, 64-74 (1998).

“Force, ontology and language.” This paper “introduces a linguistic framework through which one can interpret systematically students’ understanding of and reasoning about force and motion.”
Brookes, D. & Etkina, E., Physical Review, Special Topics, Physics Education Research, 5, 010110 (2009).