Faculty and Other Academics

APS makes resources available for physicists in academia, whether they are faculty looking to bolster their departments, graduate students seeking mentorship, or other physics and STEM professionals in higher education.

Effective Practices for Physics Programs (EP3)

EP3 APS News home imageEP3 aims to help physics programs respond to challenges and recognize strengths. Successful physics departments engage in cyclic self-reflection on their processes and outcomes to guide decisions and actions. By embracing shared action and ownership, they engage appropriate stakeholders and use data and a clear sense of departmental mission to identify problems and formulate and enact plans to improve their departments. 

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Undergraduate Physics Faculty and Mentoring

Undergraduate physics faculty and mentors can find resources to recruit and mentor students as well as strengthen their physics courses and programs.

Graduate Educators

Graduate students and graduate-level educators in physics may discover networks and resources to advance their research and teaching.

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Physics Education Statistics

APS’s Physics Education Statistics reports on the challenges and opportunities in the physics community, focusing on demographic information for physics degree recipients from US-based institutions.

New Faculty Workshops

In 2023, the Physics and Astronomy New Faculty Workshop will be available through PhysPort.org, where you can find upcoming events and helpful resources for every aspect of a new faculty member's career in physics and astronomy.

For questions, please contact APS New Faculty Workshops.

Workshops and Education Conferences

APS hosts and partners on a number of additional education conferences and workshops to support graduate students and physics faculty.

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Improving Physics Teacher Education

The Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC) promotes teacher preparation.

Get the Facts Out

Get the Facts Out (GFO) explores the STEM teaching profession. 

APS Careers

APS supports physicists at all career levels.


PhysPort, a project of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), supports physics teachers with research-based resources.

APS Membership

APS membership connects physicists, educators, researchers, scientists, and students across academia and industry in an international physics community. Network and share research with peers and advance your career with APS. Join APS Today