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How do I register for the event/purchase a package?

  • Register for the event here.
  • Once your registration is complete, on or after January 29, 2018, you will receive an email with a promo code which will allow you to post unlimited jobs on the online system.

I'm registered. How do I post a job?

  • Log into or create your employer account on the APS Job Board.
  • Click Post Jobs at the top of the Overview page. IMPORTANT: check the box at the top of the page that says "Make this an APS [Event] Job" or click "OK" in the popup window.
  • Fill out the job description. Click Save and Preview Job.
  • Review your posting. If you don't have any changes click Proceed to Checkout.
  • On the package selection page, click Continue.
  • On the payment screen, enter the promo code you received after registration and hit "recalculate." The balance should become $0.
  • Complete your payment information and proceed to the next screen. Click Process Order.
  • Your job is now posted under your Job Fair package.

I'm registered for the Job Fair, but when I try to post a job the system tries to charge me money. Why?

  • The most likely reason is that that the job posting was not added as part of the package you purchased. When you post a job, ensure that the box at the top of the form that says "Make This an [Event] Job" is checked.
  • After you have saved and previewed the job, use the promo code sent to you after registration to ensure that there is a zero balance.

How do I edit an existing job posting?

  • Log into your APS Job Board Account.
  • On the Overview page, click Manage Jobs
  • Find your job posting in this list. Click on the job, then click Edit.
  • Make your changes. When finished, click Update Job.

How do I schedule on-site interviews?

  • Log into your APS Job Board Account
  • Mouse over Your Account in the upper right hand corner, and click Manage Applications.
  • Applicants who are registered for the on-site event will be flagged with a small icon. If you wish to schedule an in person interview with them, you may send them a message or contact them directly to arrange a time to meet. There will be a private space near the Job Expo area which you may meet candidates, if you choose.
  • Applications which do not show a small icon have not registered for the on-site event, and may not be attending the meeting. You may respond to them or forward them to appropriate staff at your company/institution.

How do I search job seeker profiles and set up an interview?

  • Log in to your APS Job Board Account.
  • Click the Resume Search tab.
  • Check box for Only show Job Fair attendees.
  • Check other desired filters (relocation, etc.).
  • Enter any search term to narrow the field.
  • Click Search.
  • Click a candidate to view resume. If you wish to set up an interview, you may contact the person directly and ask them to meet you in the private interview space set up next to the Job Expo.

Where will interviews be conducted?

  • Interviews are usually conducted in a space located adjacent to the Job Fair space. If this is not the case, you will be notified of the new location.

Can employers contact job seekers after the meeting?

  • Yes. Employers may contact job seekers before, during, and up to about two weeks after the meeting. Additionally, employers may print job seeker resumes and contact those job seekers from their resume contact information.

Do employers have to be an APS member to participate in APS Job Fairs?

  • No, any employer, recruiter, or hiring manager is encouraged to participate.

Must employers pay a meeting registration fee in order to participate in the Job Fair?

  • No, an employer only pays for recruitment packages such as a booth or table package