Across the Spectrum Playing Cards

A physics degree can qualify you for an astounding variety of careers, including education, government labs, medical and tech facilities, even Wall Street! There are far too many options to name, but we thought we would try. Welcome to Across the Spectrum: Women & Gender Minorities in Physics Careers!

Each Across the Spectrum playing card deck includes 26 profiles of women and gender minorities in physics, along with their current profession and where they earned their degree. When you play with these cards, you will see how diverse backgrounds and experiences contribute to a stronger scientific community for everyone.

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Spectrum Physics Playing Cards

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The Across the Spectrum playing card deck was an idea sparked by Jacqueline Blaum, an APS Careers Intern through the SPS Internship Program. Her goal with this project was to promote inclusion and educate others on what career paths are available with a physics degree. Learn more by visiting the SPS internship website.

The cards were designed by Meghan White of the APS Communications Department, featuring illustrations created by Annamaria Ward.