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Board and Council Minutes Now on the Web


Recent Executive Board and Council meeting minutes are now available on a new section of the APS web site, accessible to all members who have an APS Member Web Account (members who don't have one can easily set one up by visiting the site). A permanent link to the Meeting Minutes site can be found from the APS Governance Page at http://www.aps.org/exec.

In the January 2001 issue of APS News, APS President George Trilling stated, "I believe that it is extremely important that our members be well informed about the many activities of their Society," and added that the APS web site should play a major role in providing information to APS members. Making the minutes available is one way of realizing this presidential initiative, says Ken Cole, who, in his role as Administrator of Governing Committees is responsible for preparing the minutes and for posting them on the Web. "We hope our members will take advantage of this new way to learn about Society affairs," he added.

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Editor: Alan Chodos
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