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"We believe there is a revolution going on at the nanoscale"
David Tomanek, Michigan State University, speaking about nanotubes, NY Times, March 27, 2001

"The fluctuations are much bigger than one would naively think. I am confidently making a bet that quantum foam will be detected."
Jack Ng, University of North Carolina, NY Times, March 29, 2001

"...extremely hard to analyze, extremely hard to predict"
Sidney Perkowitz, Emory University, on the physics of foam (not quantum foam), Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 12, 2001

"We are convinced that SQUIDs can provide unique and useful information about hidden corrosion activity even if they are restricted to the laboratory."
John Wikswo, Vanderbilt University, United Press International, March 14, 2001

"The reason we want to fly an airplane on Venus is because it would be way cool."
Geoffrey Landis, NASA Glenn Research Center, Albuquerque Journal, February 18, 2001

And now, some quotes in connection with the new metallic superconductor MgB2 (see story here). All from the Associated Press, March 13, 2001:

"It's just been downright screaming fun."
Paul Canfield, Iowa State University

"People are working all hours, weekends. It's ideas now, and experimentation and new things coming all the time"
David Larbalestier, University of Wisconsin

"Magnesium and boron are all over the earth, and they're cheap as hell"
Paul Grant, Electric Power Research Institute

"Everyone could kick themselves. All those metallurgists work with very exotic materials. And now, you can buy this stuff off the shelf."
Brian Schwartz, City University of New York

"Sometimes our biases can get us into a lot of trouble, and scientific bias was probably what prevented this discovery"
James Jorgensen, Argonne National Laboratory

"To the lay person, this seems like a low temperature, but to the scientific community it's really not that low."
Robert Cava, Princeton University

"My years of struggling, step by step, and finally I got it. It was never serendipitous."
Jun Akimitsu, Aoyama-Gaikun University

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