Press Releases

APS issues press releases on research news, Society activities, and other physics tips.

To sign up to receive these releases, please contact James Riordon with your full name and media affiliation. Registered journalists will receive other tips and advisories that are not posted publicly in the archive. Those interested in policy and advocacy releases, please contact Tawanda Johnson.

Michael Thoennessen Appointed New APS Editor in Chief
Doctoral Physics Thesis Award Renamed in Honor of Deborah Jin
APS Opposes President Trump’s FY 18 Cuts To Science
American Physical Society Partners In $3 Million National Program To Increase Women Physics Majors
The Kavli Microbiome Ideas Challenge Funds Innovative, Cross-Cutting Research
APS and CERN Sign an Open Access Agreement for SCOAP3
APS Deeply Troubled by President Trump's FY18 Budget
Highly Trained STEM Teachers Needed to Boost America’s Global Competitiveness, According to New Study
American Physical Society Establishes Norman F. Ramsey Prize
Call for Submissions: Kavli Microbiome Ideas Challenge
Spring 2017 American Physical Society Prizes and Awards Announced
Preparing Physics Students for Diverse Careers
American Physical Society Announces 2016 Fellows
Scientific Societies Establish Unique Partnership with Vendors to Address Helium Crisis, Congress Takes Bi-Partisan Action
Theories of Exotic States of Matter Win 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics
NSF INCLUDES Grant Expands Effort to Diversify Graduate Physics Programs
Daniel Kleppner Wins 2017 APS Medal for Exceptional Achievement in Research
Discriminatory North Carolina Restroom Law Prompts Major Scientific Society to Move Annual Meeting
Ellen Gould Zweibel Wins 2016 Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics
Tammy Ma Wins 2016 Thomas H. Stix Award for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Plasma Physics Research
Ivan Marusic Wins 2016 Stanley Corrsin Award for Fluid Dynamics Research
Howard Alvin Stone Wins 2016 Fluid Dynamics Prize
James Bailey Wins 2016 John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research
American Physical Society Appoints New Editor in Chief
Prototype Gravitational Wave Spacecraft Sets New Free Fall Record
American Society for Microbiology Launches the Kavli Microbiome Ideas Challenge In Partnership with Two Leading Scientific Societies
American Physical Society Establishes a New Quantum Computing Award with an Endowment from IBM Research
LIGO Gravitational Wave Triumph Proves Science Funding Pays Off
APS Congratulates LIGO Scientific Collaboration Scientists for Historic Discovery
APS Notes President’s FY’17 Aspirational Budget for Science


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