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The First Quantum Computer You Own Could Be Powered By A Time Crystal
April 18, 2017
Now that researchers have created time crystals, the next step is to understand more about this bizarre material. A team of researchers from Harvard University are doing just that in order to explore potential applications of time crystals.
Article: Futurism
Viewpoint: Physics

There's Still A Lot We Don't Know About The Proton
April 18, 2017
Nuclear physicist Evangeline Downie hadn’t planned to study one of the thorniest puzzles of the proton. But when opportunity knocked, Downie couldn’t say no. "It's the proton," she exclaims. The mysteries that still swirl around this jewel of the subatomic realm were too tantalizing to resist.
Article: Science News
Abstract: Physical Review D

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APS & IOP Publishing Commit to ORCID Scheme
Ian Chapman Wins 2017 Thomas H. Stix Award for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Plasma Physics Research
Six Researchers Share 2017 John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research
Dmitri Ryutov Wins 2017 Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics

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