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Retrial for Kokabee
October 16, 2014
After four years in prison, physicist Omid Kokabee has been granted a retrial by the Iranian Supreme Court.
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Quantum Steering Achieved
October 14, 2014
Experimental realization of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering game demonstrates quantum non-locality.
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New Meson Discovered
October 12, 2014
A newly discovered meson, built of a charm anti-quark and a strange quark, could deepen our understanding of the strong force.
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Fusion Advance
October 10, 2014
Neutron flux from Sandia's Z machine heralds fusion advance.
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Carlton Caves on the high-impact-factor syndrome.The Back Page: High-Impact-Factor Syndrome
Carlton Caves writes about the "high-impact-factor syndrome" in assessing research accomplishments and the potentially negative ramifications for scientists.
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Omid Kokabee Granted RetrialRetrial Granted to Jailed Iranian Physicist
Imprisoned Iranian Physicist Omid Kokabee, now suffering serious illness, will be granted a retrial, raising hope for his release.
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sted mpi2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Optical Microscopy
This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to three scientists whose work surpassed the long-established resolution limit for optical microscopes.
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Blue light emitting diodes2014 Physics Nobel Prize for Blue LEDs
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that three researchers will share this year’s Nobel Prize for Physics for their invention of blue light emitting diodes.
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2014 APS Andrei Sakharov Prize Recipient

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