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Strange Pasta
January 21, 2015
A form of matter known as "nuclear pasta" in neutron star crusts may be even weirder than previously thought.
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Sonic Booms in Nerves
January 20, 2015
Shock waves in nerve cells could speed signals.
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Kirigami Quantified
January 20, 2015
Physicists find a simple set of rules to create curves from straight lines with the ancient paper folding art of Kirigami.
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Gray arrow Abstract: Physical Review Letters

Ants Don't Jam
January 19, 2015
A new model explains why ants in traffic tend to bypass a collision and just keep going.
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International Year of LightInternational Year of Light
APS is a founding partner of this global initiative to highlight the importance of light and optical technologies.
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State of the Union 2015President Obama's Declares Support of  R&D in SOTU
APS commends President Obama for calling attention to the importance of science, technology, research, and development in his State of the Union address.
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Omid KokabeeIranian Court Rejects Release of Imprisoned Physicist
An appeals court in Iran rejected the recommendations of its supreme court and upheld Kokabee's ten year prison sentence.
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APS News January 2015APS News January
In this issue: Q & A with the 2015 APS president, top physics stories of 2014, Brookhaven's new light source, the growth of online digital archives, and more.
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Congressional Budget Bill Avoids Drastic Cuts to ScienceCongressional Budget Avoids Drastic Cuts to Science
Funding for physical science research fared relatively well in the big federal omnibus-spending bill passed by Congress.
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APS HonorsCongratulations to New 2014 APS Fellows
APS fellowship is a distinct honor signifying recognition by one's professional peers for exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise.
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APS Members and Council Vote Yes on Corporate ReformAPS Members and Council Vote Yes on Corporate Reform
APS's new Constitution & Bylaws were adopted in an overwhelming member vote and unanimous council vote.
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Physicist Expected to Take Charge at PentagonPhysicist Expected to Take Charge at Pentagon
President Obama has nominated physicist and former defense department official Ashton Carter to be secretary of defense.
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APS HonorsBenefactor Jay Jones Funds New APS Medal
A $2 million donation by Jay Jones has made the APS Medal for Exceptional Achievement in Research possible. The first $50,000 award will be presented in 2016.
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APS March Meeting 2015

March 2-6, 2015
San Antonio, TX
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Honors Spotlight

2015 APS Dissertation Award in Hadronic Physics Recipient

Pitonyak Daniel Pitonyak
Brookhaven National Laboratory

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