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Quantum Aid for AI
August 18, 2014
Decision-making capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) technology could be enhanced using quantum physics.
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Diamond Quantum Computer
August 11, 2014
Proposed computing architecture might lead to a scalable quantum computer based on the spins of nitrogen atoms embedded in diamond.
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Zipf's Law in a Fly's Eye
August 8, 2014
Zipf's ranking law explains signals in the optical neurons of a blowfly.
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FEL History
August 6, 2014
John Madey, 2012 APS Wilson Prize recipient, reflects on a lifetime of science and free electron laser development.
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Mac BeasleyAPS News Special Edition
Learn about the proposed changes to APS Governance. In early October, APS Members will be asked to vote on this important issue.
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APS Bridge Program RFPApply to Become a Funded APS Bridge Site
The APS Bridge Program is now accepting proposals for new Bridge Sites for the 2014-2015 academic year.
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DOE Joins the CHORUSDOE Joins the CHORUS
The Department of Energy recently announced its plan to allow the public to freely read academic journal articles by researchers supported by federal funding.
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International Physics OlympiadU.S. Physics Olympians Bring Home Gold and Silver
The United States tied with four other nations to place fifth at this year's International Physics Olympiad. The team brought home three gold and two silver medals.
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Mid-Atlantic Section MeetingNew APS Mid-Atlantic Section to Meet at Penn State
The newest regional section of APS will host its inaugural meeting at Pennsylvania State University in October. Abstract submission and registration are open now.
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APS Funded Outreach Groups to Unveil New ProjectsAPS Funded Outreach Groups to Unveil New Projects
Winning projects that will debut in the coming months range from nuclear science video games to gravitational wave classroom activities and physics themed theater.
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APS Bridge ProgramAPS Bridge Program Annual Meeting
This year’s meeting focused on the role of the Master's degree in advancing underrepresented minority students toward PhDs in physics.
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Laura Greene2014 APS Election Results
APS members have elected Laura Greene, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to the office of Vice President of the Society starting in 2015.
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APS Governance Changes

APS belongs to all of you
Inform yourself about proposed changes to APS Governance and Leadership Structures.
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Honors Spotlight

2014 APS John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research Recipient

Hegna Chris Hegna
University of Wisconsin, Madison

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