Policy & Advocacy

The APS Office of Public Affairs (OPA) was established to facilitate communication between physicists, the public, and government on scientific issues of concern to APS members and to the nation as a whole. OPA coordinates the interaction between APS in the federal government, directs the efforts of the Physics in Government Network (our national group of grassroots scientist-activists), and sponsors fellowships.

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News & Announcements

APS Deeply Troubled by President Trump's FY18 Budget
APS is deeply concerned with President Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget outline and urges Congress to reject the proposed cuts to the federal science agencies.

Highly Trained STEM Teachers Needed to Boost America’s Global Competitiveness, According to New Study
A new study addresses the reasons why STEM students shy away from teaching as a career and offers ways to counter the trend.

Policy Analysis


To serve the needs of its membership and the general public, APS concerns itself with a number of issues that affect both the physics community and the nation as a whole.

Competitiveness & Innovation
National Security
Energy & Environment
Research Funding
Visa Policy