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Centennial News: Additional Centennial Exhibits

Dozens of exhibits developed by the APS and its Units, funding agencies such as NSF and DOE, laboratories, and commercial vendors will be on display at the Centennial. In addition to those noted previously in APS News, are the following:

Nobel Discoveries Exhibit: Exploring Nature, Saving Lives, Driving Technology - An interactive traveling museum exhibit that illustrates how Nobel Prize discoveries in physics and related fields impact our lives makes its debut at the Centennial.

APS Historical Entryway Exhibit - A museum style exhibit showing the origins and historical development of the APS will be shown in the entrance lobby of the Georgia World Congress Center. The display will include APS research journals, outreach programs, as well a number of interesting incidents that helped shape the character of the Society.

Division of Atomic and Molecular Physics - Recent advances in the physics of high-Z ions will be illustrated with electron beam ion sources and traps, including a demonstration allowing visitors to dial up highly-charged ions of their own choosing. Applications of atomic, molecular, and optical physics will be represented by new work on biomedical imaging using spin-polarized xenon.

National Society of Hispanic Physicists - This exhibit captures through action pictures the contributions Hispanic physicists have made to US physics over the course of the century, as well as the richness and variety of backgrounds they bring to science.

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