High School Physics Students

APS helps high school students understand the flexibility and possibilities of a physics career.

Finding Out About Physics

Why Study Physics?
Physics is the most basic and fundamental science—and it pays well. Find out the skills and careers a degree in physics offers you.

Becoming a Physicist
Learn about variety of jobs that use physics skills and how to prepare for them.

The Adopt-a-Physicist program connects high school physics students to people with bachelors degrees or higher in physics via online discussion forums. Through these interactions, students can find out about the careers, educational backgrounds, research projects, and lives of a variety of physicists.

Website Resources

The PhysicsCentral website explains to high school students how physics fits into real life, from factoids and science explanations to profiles of people in physics.

Einstein’s Miracle Year
An award-winning movie that celebrates the three revolutionary ideas that Albert Einstein presented in 1905. About 15 minutes in length, the movie explores Einstein's discoveries and how they have influenced our understanding of the universe.

Choosing Physics

7 Myths About High School Physics

Physics Facts
"7 Myths About High School Physics" provides information on physics careers, college admissions, and physicist salaries.
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Why Physics?

Top 10 Reasons to Study Physics

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Take Physics

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