Resources for Graduate Students and Educators

The APS maintains a keen interest in graduate education in physics and science and seeks to disseminate information about successful programs as well as reports which may be of interest to the science education community.
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3rd Graduate Education Conference (2017)

In February 2017, the APS will host a conference on graduate education in conjunction with the APS Bridge Program to bring physics department leadership together to share ideas, hear about innovations in graduate education, and host discussions on common issues such as candidacy exam structure, curriculum, professional development for students, and graduate admissions practices.

2nd Graduate Education in Physics Conference (2013)

APS and AAPT held a second two-day conference January 31-February 2, 2013, to focus national attention on graduate education in physics.  The conference was a forum for presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions by prominent speakers on physics graduate education. The goal of the conference was to spur innovation and creativity in our approach to graduate education in physics, and to foster discussions of good practice among leaders.

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1st Graduate Education in Physics Conference: Which Way Forward? (2008)


APS and the American Association of Physics Teachers held a conference at the American Center for Physics to address the status and future of graduate education in physics. Topics included the graduate curriculum, preparation for non-academic careers, communication skills and professional development, TA training, ethics, comprehensive exam, departmental climate, and advising. 
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APS-AAPT Task Force on Graduate Education in Physics

repcover-thumb06The Task Force report examines the status of graduate education in physics with recommendations for improvement in the curricula.
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