APS is a leading voice for physics education and supports physics educators at all levels through its programs, publications, and resources.

Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education

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Education Policy Efforts

The APS Committee on Education's Policy Working Group advises the APS staff and leadership on matters of education policy, including diversity issues related to education.

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Joint Task Force on Undergraduate Physics Programs

J-TUPP is a joint APS-American Association of Physics Teachers task force charged with addressing the question, “What skills and knowledge should the next generation of undergraduate physics degree holders possess to be well prepared for a diverse set of careers?”

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Physics Education Research (PER) Speakers List

APS provides a database of speakers who have offered to give talks on physics education research (PER).
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Professional Development for New Faculty Members

APS, AAPT, and the American Astronomical Society (AAS) offer biannual NSF-funded New Faculty Workshops, to introduce new faculty members to research-based teaching, grant opportunities in research and education, time-management and other professional development issues.

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Improving Physics Teacher Education
PhysTEC PhysTEC is a joint APS-AAPT project to improve and promote the education of future physics and physical science teachers.
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ComPADRE Digital Library

ComPADREAPS has partnered with AAPT, AIP, and AAS to create the ComPADRE digital library, a collection of electronic educational materials in physics and astronomy. Together, APS and ComPADRE have developed Physics to Go, Physics Careers Resource, and PhysTEC.