Spectra's Force (2010)

General Leslie J. Relativity is a gruff, distinguished veteran, tough even if a little scatter-brained. When he comes to stay with Ruby and her little sister while their parents are at an archaeological dig in Africa for 6 months his top secret experiments spiral out of control. Can Spectra stop him from accidentally destroying the world? Can the gang get there in time to save her? Help Spectra and crew by learning about gravity, force and motion in PhysicsQuest 2010: Spectra’s Force.

Although registration is closed you can still participate by creating your own kit and performing 4 physics experiments. Just download the manual describing how to do the experiments, the science behind the experiments and read the comic book featuring Spectra. Spectra needs you!

Download Spectra's Force Comic Book format_pdf

Download the Spectra's Force Teacher's Manual format_pdf

Spectra's Force!

Follow Spectra and the gang as they face yet another year at Tesla Junior High.This year Spectra chooses to help their gruff, new physics teacher with his research with dire consequences. Can her friends save her in time? Will the world be destroyed? But more importantly, can they still get to the big dance on time?

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Spectra Force