SPIN-UP: Report

Downloading the Report

You can download the entire SPIN-UP report, just the summary, or only the sections that interest you. All downloads are in PDF (Format - PDF) format.

Gray Arrow Strategic Programs for Innovations in Undergraduate Physics (SPIN-UP): Project Report

Gray Arrow SPIN-UP Executive Summary

SPIN-UP Report Chapters

Gray Arrow Introduction & History - Chapters 1 & 2

Gray Arrow Procedures for Site Visits - Chapter 3

Gray Arrow Analysis of Site Visits - Chapter 4

Gray Arrow The Survey - Chapter 5

Gray Arrow Connections, Lessons, and Other Issues - Chapter 6


Gray Arrow Appendices I-III (includes physics education resources, undergraduate physics reading list, presentations and articles on SPIN-UP) 

Gray Arrow Appendices IV-VII (includes site visit volunteers, site visit documentation, formative evaluator's report, survey form) 

Gray Arrow Appendix VIII (includes case study documents)

Report from SPIN-UP Workshop

Since the original SPIN-UP report, a number of departments have implemented changes that have been successful in growing their programs. The large research-oriented departments have been particularly successful, as demonstrated by AIP statistics. A report from a SPIN-UP workshop held at Rutgers in the summer of 2010 summarizes the steps these departments have taken and presents case studies from each of them.
Gray Arrow Report from Rutgers SPIN-UP Workshop