RFP Questions RE: GHG Emissions

APS Meetings


  • What are the convention center/hotel’s environmental policies, i.e., is there a corporate environmental/sustainability mission statement? Does the convention center/hotel have a sustainability policy and strategy in place?
    • If possible, please provide a summary of the current policies.
    • If there are no current policies, is the convention center/hotel willing to modify services to accommodate our requests? Include in the contract a clause that states their commitment to fulfill the sustainability needs of your event.
  • Does the convention center/hotel publically report or disclose its GHG emissions?
  • Has the convention center/hotel successfully achieved any environmental or sustainability accreditation? Examples include: LEED building, Green Seal hotel, etc.


  • Is the convention center/hotel accessible by public transportation and/or walking distance from the convention center/hotel, airport or the downtown area?
    • Is a shuttle offered for meeting attendees to avoid the need for individual taxis/cars?
    • Please provide specific mileage to/from hotel to convention center; airport to hotel; and convention center to airport.


  • What steps/policies has the convention center/hotel adopted to reduce its energy use? Examples include:
    • Does the convention center/hotel have energy efficient lighting?
    • Does the hotel have a linen and towel reuse program?
    • Does the convention center have an energy management program ensuring temperature is kept at reasonable levels?