Social Media for Units

APS encourages units to utilize social media tools to help them achieve their goals, as well as the goals of the Society. Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, may help units reach and engage members, share news and information, and connect with the public.

Contact the social media team at to get started or view units already on social media.

Social Media Participation Levels

Units may participate in one of three social media levels.

Level 1 – Basic
Utilize APS’s already established social media channels to share unit news with more than 245,000 followers. 

Level 2 – Engaged
APS will assist in creating an account on a single social network. 

Level 3 – Enhanced
APS will assist in adding to an already successful social media presence by adding additional networks. 

Online Communication Policies 

Units participating in social media should read and follow the APS communications guidelines.
Gray Arrow APS Online Communications Guidelines