Level 1 - Basic

Social Media Levels

Want to share your unit’s news and updates to APS’s 30,000 Twitter followers? Level 1 might be for you.  

Building and maintaining a successful social media account is a time-consuming, arduous process—it takes a dedicated team of contributors to post exciting and engaging content every single day. By utilizing APS’s already established Twitter account, your unit news will reach the maximum number of people with minimal commitment. 

Service Description

APS will post regularly scheduled updates from your unit to our already established social media channels.  

What’s Included 

  • Regular posting schedule - APS will work with you to develop a regular Twitter schedule with occasional posts on Facebook and Google+ (Most content will not qualify for Facebook or Google+. APS will determine what information will be shared on these channels)

  • Dedicated hashtag – To help identify your unit on Twitter, APS will assign a dedicated hashtag to be used in conjunction will all of your social media updates

  • Biannual reports – APS will provide biannual reports that include information about your posts, clicks on links, engagement, and recommendations for future posts

What’s Required of Your Unit

A dedicated social media manager approved by your executive committee. This person can be a volunteer or a member of your executive committee. This person will be responsible for sending news and updates at the agreed upon schedule. 

Get Started 

Email social@aps.org to get started today!