Proposal to Establish an APS Award in {subfield, topic, ex}

{Proposed name of award}

Purpose and Justification of this Award

  • What is the purpose of this new Honor?
  • Why is there a need for it? How does it differ from other similar awards (specific examples)?
  • Who is in support of establishing this award?
  • What impact would this award have?
  • APS’s policy does not allow naming awards after living people or corporate sponsors. If the proposed award shall be named after a deceased person, what impact did that person have on physics? Are their heirs/estate aware of and in support of this proposal?
  • What are the specifics of the award:
    • stipend dollar amount?
    • travel reimbursement and registration waiver?
    • is there a limit on travel reimbursement?
    • certificate?
    • what meeting is the award presented?
    • is there an invited talk? during what session?

Rules and Eligibility

  • Who is eligible for this award?
  • Are there any restrictions on who can nominate or be nominated?

Nomination and Selection Process

  • What will the nomination consist of (letters of support, CV, thesis, publication list, ex.)
  • When is the nomination deadline?
  • What is the composition of the selection committee (unit officers, prior recipients, ex.)

Establishment and Support

  • What (if any) is the history of this award?
    • Why was it established?
    • Who / which unit established it?
    • What is the funding history of the award?
  • What is the proposed plan for establishing and supporting the award?
    • proposed timeline for fundraising/awarding
    • What is the fundraising goal for endowing the award (typically calculated as 30x the annual stipend amount)?
    • Who will coordinate with the APS Development Office on the fundraising campaign?
    • Are there any donor prospects already identified?


Updated 3/2/2017