Fall 2002 Topical Conference on Biological Physics

Genomics and Evolution

Shirley Tilghman, Princeton University
Epigenetics: Building Flexibility into the Genome

Hao Li, University of California, San Francisco
Deciphering the Regulatory Code of the Genome

Richard Lenski, Michigan State University
Experiments with Digital Organisms (video will sync two minutes into talk)

Biological Networks

Andrew Murray, Harvard University
Can Physics Save Biology? (video unavailable)

Stanislas Leibler, Rockefeller Institute
Molecular Tinkering in Biological Networks

Drew Endy, MIT
Existing and Synthetic Bacteriophage (video will sync 30 seconds into talk)

Biomolecular Dynamics

Susan Lindquist, MIT
Strange Diseases, Strange Genetics, New Materials

Klaus Schulten, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Membrane Proteins in Action

William Eaton, NIH
Physics of Protein Folding

Roger Cooke, University of California, San Francisco
The Mechanism of Motor Proteins

High-Resolution Imaging of Living Cells

David Agard, University of California, San Francisco
Going Beyond the Resolution Limits in Light Microscopy

Julie Theriot, Stanford University
Protein Polymers, Crawling Cells, and Comet Tails

David Yue, Johns Hopkins University
Calmodulin regulation of Ca2+ channels viewed by FRET-based microscopy

Physical Devices for Biological Investigation

Daniele Gerion, University of California, Berkeley
Some Applications of Fluorescent Nanocrystals in Biology

Charles Lieber, Harvard University
What Can Nanotechnology do for Biology?