Condemning Iranian Physicist Assassinations

President Robert Byer - February 2012

The Issue

Over the past two years, Iranian physicists and scientists have been assassinated by terrorists, in their own country, often within sight of their homes.

Open Letter to APS Members

Science belongs to humanity, transcending boundaries and enriching the lives of people regardless of race, nationality, or belief system. Scientific exchanges and meetings not only advance the enterprise of science, but additionally serve as venues for peaceful cooperation and understanding among scientists. 

The practice of science should be open and universal, as noted in the American Physical Society’s (APS) Statement on the International Nature of Physics and International Cooperation. As this APS statement makes clear, science can serve as a vehicle towards world cooperation, and, as such, we firmly believe that scientists around the world should be protected from violence. 
Gray arrow  APS Human Rights Statement on the International Nature of Physics and International Cooperation

The American Physical Society finds the recent wave of killings of Iranian scientists extremely troubling and welcomes the United States’ condemnation of this type of violence. The American Physical Society condemns acts of violence against scientists everywhere and reaffirms its commitment to international collegiality among physicists and its belief that science can be used to promote international peace. 


Robert L. Byer
American Physical Society

Physics Society of Iran (PSI)
The Iranian-American Physicists Network (IrAP)

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