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Einstein’s House in Bern: Joint EPS-­APS Historic Site

Einstein's Bern houseEinstein's Bern house group photo
Photos: D. Lee

(Left) The house at the Kramgasse 49 in Bern is where Einstein lived during his annus mirabilis. The flat on the second floor, which he had rented from 1903 to 1905, has been restored in the style of that period. His biography and life’s work are presented in a small exhibit on the third floor.

(Right) From left to right: H.R. Ott, President of the Albert Einstein Society, C. Rossel, President of EPS, Q.M. Tran, President of the Swiss Physical Society (SPS), A. Tschäppät, the Mayor of Bern and S. Aronson, President of APS on the occasion of the inauguration of the Einstein House as first joint EPS-APS Historic Site.

On September 14, 2015, the European Physical Society and the American Physical Society together recognized Albert Einstein's house in Bern, Switzerland, as the first official Joint EPS-APS HIstoric Site. Among those in attendance were Christophe Roussel, president of EPS and Sam Aronson, president of APS.

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