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Suggestions Sought for Historic Physics Sites

 Early next year the APS Historic Sites Committee will meet to decide on the sites that APS will recognize in 2014. This activity is part of the APS Historic Sites Initiative, in which 32 sites in the US, and one in Canada, have been selected since the program began in 2005.

Once the 2014 sites are selected, at each one a member of the APS Presidential Line will present a plaque with a suitably worded citation to a representative of the designated institution. The plaque then serves as a permanent reminder of the site's significance in the history of physics. In addition, the site is recorded in the APS Ledger of Historic Sites, and a web page is created that describes the achievements for which the recognition is made.

There were three sites honored in 2013. These were: the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, DC; Los Alamos National Laboratory; and the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY.

Interested individuals are encouraged to suggest worthy sites for consideration by the committee; this is easy to do online at the Suggest a Historic Site web page. The list of sites already selected is available at the Historic Sites Initiative page.

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Editor: Alan Chodos
Staff Science Writer: Michael Lucibella