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April Meeting Plenary Speakers Set

Eight of the nine plenary lectures at the APS April Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, April 12-15, 2008, have been confirmed. The slate features many distinguished speakers on a broad range of topics. They are:

Bruce Remington, LLNL, “Probing Matter at the Extremes: New Frontiers in High Energy Density Physics”

Roger Blandford, Stanford, “Recent Developments in Plasma Astrophysics”

Paul Chu, University of Houston, “High Temperature Superconductivity 20 Years Later: Achievements, Promises and Challenges”

Witek Nazarewicz, ORNL/University of Tennessee, “Science of Rare Isotopes: Connecting Nuclei with the Universe”

Michael Peskin, SLAC, “Dark Matter in the Cosmos and in the Laboratory”

Michael Kramer, University of Manchester, “The Double Pulsar: A Unique Gravity Lab”

Sara Seager, MIT, “Exoplanets: Interiors, Atmospheres, and the Search for Habitable Worlds”

Robert Cahn, LBNL, “New Paths to Fundamental Physical Law.”

Information and registration for the April Meeting is online at www.aps.org/meetings/april.

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