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Centennial: Special Features

Centennial Publications

As part of the APS centennial's lasting legacy, the APS is developing three special publications in honor of the event:

Physics in the 20th Century. Produced jointly with the American Institute of Physics, this will be a lavishly illustrated coffee table book intended for the general public. With text by well-known Washington Post science writer Curt Suplee and more than 200 illustrations, it will be available at the Centennial Meeting at a reduced, pre-publication price.

Special Edition of Reviews of Modern Physics.A special issue of Reviews of Modern Physics will commemorate the APS Centennial, with approximately 50 articles by distinguished physicists covering a wide range of areas of contemporary physics, as well as a section on historical perspectives. It will be distributed without extra cost to all subscribers to RMP, and also will be published as a hardcover book by Springer-Verlag.

A Century of Physics. The APS has commissioned the production of a timeline wallchart entitled "A Century of Physics," consisting of eleven 40" by 26" panels. Each is dedicated to approximately one decade of the 20th century, describing many of the main developments and contributions of physics with accompanying photographs. APS News has been featuring the introductory essay from each such panel in every issue until the Centennial Meeting itself (click here for this month's installment). The timeline wallchart will be distributed free of charge to all high school science and college physics departments, and will be available for purchase by individual APS members at the Centennial Meeting.

Plenary Speakers

As reported in the August/September issue of APS News, The following word-renowned scientists will present plenary lectures at the upcoming APS Centennial Meeting, 20-26 March 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia:

  • Joel Birnbaum
  • Mary Good
  • Martin Klein
  • Richard Smalley
  • Harold Varmus
  • Steven Weinberg

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