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Anagrams for the Electronic Age

It's fascinating what computers will come up with these days, given the most innocuous of fundamental data. The following is a sampling from a list of phrases that turned up when Physical Review Letters was run through an anagram machine.

Act Pitilessly - Wherever
Archive Wept Tirelessly
Cheaply Tilts Reviewers
Cheesy Viper Stillwater
Chews, Repels, Relativity
Cleverly Whips Treatise
Every Particle Whistles
Evil Typewriter Clashes!
Heavily Septic Wrestler
Helpless Wry Recitative
Heretics Tally Previews
Hew Particles Restively
Pitches Reviewer Lastly
Plastic Silt Everywhere!
Play Secretive Whistler
Prettily Eschew Revisal
Preview Stealthy Relics
Reveals Twitchy Replies
Rewrite Haplessly - Evict
Shelters Typical Review
Sleepy Trivial Wretches
Slew Heretics, Privately
Slivery Epistle Watcher
Spew Cleverest Hilarity
Spill Static Everywhere
Stylistic Leap - Wherever
Sweetly Repel Archivist
Tacitly Helps Reviewers
Testily Peevish Crawler
Twisty Speller Achiever
View Scripts Ethereally
Vitally Rewrites Speech
Wee Physicist Traveler
Westerly Ethic Prevails
Whirls Teletype Viscera
Write Sharply! (Selective)

[Anagrams contributed by Jonathan Patrick Dowling, a.k.a. Photon-Cranking Tidal Jaw, of U.S. Army Missile Command in Alabama.]

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