APS Statements


Undergraduate Research Statement
K-12 Education Statement
Career Options for Physicists
Advocacy for Science Education
Improving Education for Professional Ethics, Standards and Practices
K-12 Assessment and Science
Kansas State Board of Education Decision
Research in Physics Education
AIP-Member Society Statement on the Education of Future Teachers
Principle on Educational Program in Science and Mathematics

Ethics and Values

Statement on Civic Engagement
Statement on the Status of Women in Physics
Statement on Open Access
Treatment of Subordinates
Perpetual Motion Machines
Policies for Handling Allegations of Research Misconduct
APS Guidelines for Professional Conduct
"What is Science?"
Policy on Equal Professional Opportunity
Displays in the Workplace of Graphic Material Depicting Demeaning Images of Women

Human Rights

Joint Diversity Statement
Against the Call to Boycott Israeli Scientists
Protection Against Discrimination
Statement to the United Nations
Scientific Contact with Countries Accused of Abrogating Human Rights
The International Nature of Physics and International Cooperation

Internal Policy

Policy Regarding Growth of Physical Review
Statements by APS Units
APS/AIP Relationship

National Policy

Statement on Earth's Changing Climate
Control of the U.S. Nuclear Complex
The Use of Nuclear Weapons
Physical Science Research Funding
Science and Technical Advice for Congress
Freedom of Scientific Communication in Basic Research
Visa Rules and Government Procedures Hampering U.S. Science and Technology
Nuclear Testing
DOD Funding for Basic Research
Security and Science at the Weapons Laboratories
Energy Policy for the Twenty-first Century
Open Flow of Scientific Information
The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Energy: the Forgotten Crisis
Conservation of Helium
Nuclear Energy
Reaffirmation of Statement on Scientific Review of Research Facilities Funding