New Issue of APS News Available

The October 2017 issue of APS News is now available online.

Articles include:

  • 2017 APS Division of Particles and Fields Meeting: Researchers report on neutrino CP violation, neutrino scattering, and the Dark Energy Survey
  • Forging New Connections: The “Physics Next” workshop brings together quantum field theory and condensed matter physics
  • Virgo & LIGO: Joint Detection of Gravitational Waves: With data from a third detector, researchers can better localize source of waves
  • Helping Hand or Hubris? Researchers debate whether global injection of aerosols can control global warming
  • ICARUS Arrives at Fermilab: Giant detector will be used in the next generation of neutrino experiments
  • LeRoy Apker Awards: Honoring Exceptional Undergraduate Research: Finalists Show Research Flair at the 2017 Selection Meeting

Plus, a Back Page article by Cherry Murray