New Issue of APS News Available

The March 2017 issue of APS News is now available online.

Articles include:

  • Gravitational Waves: Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid: LIGO team continues to look for new events and radio telescopes join the search
  • Physical Review Materials: The newest addition to the Physical Review Journals hopes to attract a wide variety of authors and interdisciplinary research
  • "Science is Not Just For Scientists": Physicists urge colleagues to get involved in policymaking at the APS April Meeting 2017
  • Little Boy and Fat Man Cast Shadows Over April Meeting: As nuclear threats grow, physicists are being urged to lend their expertise
  • Fish Schools and Dolphin Tails: Research on swimming animals was featured at the 2016 APS Division of Fluid Dynamics annual meeting
  • Solar Eclipse Offers Up a Scientific Bonanza: Physicists seek a better understanding of the solar corona and space weather
  • Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman: Advice for Young Scientists: 2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry looks back on his discovery of quasicrystals
  • International Firsts in Physics: SESAME’s first light, New Underground Laboratories, and the Next Einstein Initiative at the APS April Meeting 2017
  • Kavli Foundation Keynote Plenary: From Quarks to the Cosmos: The APS April Meeting 2017 featured a keynote plenary session sponsored by the Kavli Foundation

Plus, a Back Page article by Ivan K. Schuller.