Outreach Initiatives


High School and Middle School Physics
PhysicsCentral explains what’s going on in physics, who's doing what in physics, and how things work (clue: it's physics).
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Spectra from PhysicsQuest 2009PhysicsQuest

Middle School Physics Experiments
PhysicsQuest is a middle school competition based on experiments centered on a mystery. Get your small group or class registered—it's free!
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Physics in Your Future

Women in Physics
Physics in Your Future Discover the possibilities! Read interviews with women physicists in a variety of different fields. Download or request a free print copy.
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Historic Sites Initiative

Recognizing Where It Began
Commemorating locations of important physics events. Maybe one occurred near you.
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Connecting Physicists and Students

While not an APS outreach project, Adopt-a-Physicist, led by Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society, is an outstanding program that connects high school physics students to physics graduates.
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Harnessing Global Computer Power
Einstein@HomeEinstein@Home uses world-wide donated computer time to process gravitational wave detector data. Donor computer performance is unaffected but the research is greatly enhanced.
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