APS Fellowship Nomination Instructions

Note: A new online nomination system will be available late 2016.

APS Fellowship nominations are submitted through an online nomination system.

Who can nominate someone for APS Fellowship?

To submit a nomination for fellowship, you (the sponsor) and your co-sponsor must be members of APS (fellowship is not required).

What do I need to submit to nominate someone for APS Fellowship?

Please submit the following using the APS Fellowship Nomination online system prior to the unit deadline:

  1. The name of the nominee (the system will retrieve the relevant contact information from the membership directory)
  2. Select the division, topical group or forum best qualified to assess the nomination
  3. A suggested citation (maximum 300 characters)
  4. A supporting paragraph (maximum 2500 characters)
  5. Nominee's principal publications (at most 8)
  6. Nominee's other contributions (invited talks, patents, professional service, etc.)
  7. Nominee's academic background
  8. Nominee's employment background
  9. Nominee's professional honors
  10. Your name and email address
  11. Your (the sponsor’s) letter of support
  12. Co-sponsor’s letter of support
  13. Up to two additional letters of support (not including sponsor’s and co-sponsor's letters)

How does APS determine the number of Fellows elected each year?

  • There is an absolute cap on the number of Fellows that can be elected annually, equal to 1/2 of 1% of the Society membership. Consequently, each unit receives an annual quota that is roughly equal to 1/2 of 1% of its membership (the formula for forums is slightly different).
  • In addition, there is an alternate matching program designed to encourage the nomination and election of foreign Fellows (foreign is defined as resident outside of the U.S., regardless of the nationality of the nominee). Units can accrue additional slots if they recommend foreign nominees for election provided that the overall cap mentioned above is not exceeded.

Who determines APS Fellowship?

Here is an outline of the Fellowship election process:

  • Nominations are submitted via the APS Fellowship Nomination online system prior to the unit deadline.
  • Nominations are reviewed at the unit level by the unit’s Fellowship Committee by August 1 (see Guidelines for APS Unit Fellowship Selection Committees)
  • Recommendations are reviewed by the APS Fellowship Committee by September 1
  • Final approval is given by APS Council of Representatives by mid-September
  • Elected fellows, sponsors, co-sponsors and Unit Executive Officers are notified by APS by mid- October
  • New fellows are announced to all members via the APS website, email and the November issue of the APS News.

Should I re-nominate a person who has been nominated, but not been elected Fellow?

  • Nominations are considered for two consecutive review cycles (approximately two years), after that, a new fellowship nomination must be submitted. Sponsors are encouraged to review the nomination of a deferred candidate and make any updates prior to the next deadline.
  • Each year, many highly qualified nominations are received, and only a portion are elected. Consider improving a nomination package by including the maximum number of support letters, or soliciting feedback on how the nomination could be improved from your colleagues.

For further information regarding fellowship nominations, please email fellowship@aps.org.