To serve the needs of its membership and the general public, APS concerns itself with a number of issues that affect both the physics community and the nation as a whole.

Competitiveness & Innovation

Competitiveness & InnovationThere are a variety of ways that industry and the federal government can ensure America's competitiveness in the 21st century. Scientific discovery leads to innovation and new ways to address global challenges. It creates jobs, fuels economic growth, leads to advances in medicine, and enhances national security.
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National Security

DefenseThere is a direct link between a robust national scientific research agenda and an effective national security strategy. Research and development programs at the federal level have provided the United States military with high-tech capabilities that empower troops and protect Americans, and their allies, throughout the world.
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EducationA society literate in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is essential in an age of rapid technological advances. Students need high quality education in STEM-related fields to compete in a global economy and many of today's major issues require an understanding of the basic sciences to shape effective policy decisions.
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Energy & Environment

Energy & EnvironmentA national energy policy rooted in reducing America's dependency on fossil fuels and foreign sources of energy is essential to maintaining a robust economy, a thriving environment, and a healthy planet. A balanced approach includes continued research & development of renewable sources of energy and a commitment to both sustaining and broadening nuclear energy options to help meet expanding global demand.
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Research Funding

Research FundingFederal investments in research funding and scientific infrastructure have produced new medical diagnostic tools, led to the creation of the Internet, and yielded the GPS, the touch screen, and virtually every technology incorporated in smart phones and tablets. The benefits of federal support of science are myriad; a continuing commitment will serve our nation's people well, improving and protecting the lives of all Americans.
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