From the President

Occasionally, APS presidents notify members about applicable issues or write letters, statements, or op-eds that are of particular member interest.


President Homer Neal

Gray Arrow Letter to APS Members Concerning Recent Events
Gray Arrow Letter to Turkish president regarding mistreatment of scholars
Gray Arrow Letter to House Appropriations Commerce, Justice, Science Subcommittee concerning FY17 funding for NSF
Gray Arrow Letter to House Appropriations Energy and Water Subcommittee concerning FY17 funding for DOE Office of Science


President Samuel Aronson

Gray Arrow Input on America COMPETES Reauthorization Bill
Gray Arrow Letter of Support to NSF on AP Courses in Engineering and Computer Science
Gray Arrow Letter to House Science Committee on America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2015
Gray Arrow APS Announces Dr. Kate Kirby as Chief Executive Officer
Gray Arrow Statement on Diversity in Physics from APS President Sam Aronson


President Malcolm Beasley

Gray Arrow Letter to Iranian President Rouhani calling for Omid Kokabee's release
Gray Arrow Particle physics: U.S. should not cede research leadership to other nations external
Gray Arrow Letter of Support for High-Energy Physics Community & P5 Report
Gray Arrow Letter to President Obama on Support of Science in SOTU (January)


President Michael Turner

Gray Arrow  Statement for the Record to S-CST on Government Shutdown (October)
Gray arrow  Congratulating CERN and all of Physics for 2013 Nobel Prize (October)




President Robert Byer

Gray arrow  Urging White House to Create Stand-Alone ITER Account (June)
Gray arrow  Condemning Iranian Physicist Assassinations (February)




President Barry Barish

Gray arrow  Texas Higher Education Board (October)
Gray arrow  Condolences to Japanese Physics Societies (March)




President Curtis Callan

Gray arrow  End of Year Message (December)
Gray arrow  FY 2011 Appropriations for the DOE Office of Science (April)




President Cherry Murray

Gray arrow  Federal Stimulus Package for Science Funding (January)