Physics Policy Committee

The Physics Policy Committee (PPC) consists of the Immediate Past President, who will serve as Chair for a one (1) year term, twelve (12) members, nominated by the PPC, selected and confirmed by the Board Executive Committee (BEC), and appointed by the President-Elect to staggered three (3) year terms, the President-Elect, the Congressional Fellows(s) in the first year following the year of service, and the Chair of POPA. The Chair of the Education Policy Committee, an official subcommittee of the Committee on Education, and the Chair of the Industrial Physics advisory Board Policy Subcommittee shall serve as non-voting advisors to the PPC. The PPC addresses those science policy issues that affect the development of physics, the health of the institutions in which physics is practiced, the resources available to physics, and the balanced use of these resources for the nation's scientific and technological needs. PPC shall make recommendations to the President, the Board, and the Council on these science policy issues. Recommendations from the PPC on public statements shall be considered by the POPA Steering Committee and then transmitted to Council as appropriate.

Chair: Dr Homer A Neal (01/17 - 12/17)
Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Member: Carlos Andres Meriles (01/15 - 12/17)
City College of New York CUNY

Member: Patricia M Dehmer (01/17 - 12/19)
Department of Energy

Member: Ritchie Patterson (01/15 - 12/17)
Cornell Univ

Member: Robert J Birgeneau (01/16 - 12/18)
Univ of California - Berkeley

Member: Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan (01/17 - 12/19)
Univ of Waterloo

Member: Linda Young (01/16 - 12/18)
Argonne Natl Lab

Member: Berndt Mueller (01/16 - 12/18)
Brookhaven Natl Lab

Member: Roger Wirth Falcone (01/17 - 12/17)
Univ of California - Berkeley

Member: E William Colglazier Jr (01/15 - 12/17)

Deputy Chair: Gerald C Blazey (01/17 - 12/17)
Northern Illinois Univ

Member: Don Q Lamb Jr (01/17 - 12/19)
Univ of Chicago

Member: James William Bray (01/16 - 12/18)
General Electric Corp

Member: Norbert R Holtkamp (01/17 - 12/19)
SLAC - Natl Accelerator Lab

Member, Chair of POPA: Frances Anne Houle (01/17 - 12/17)
Lawrence Berkeley Natl Lab

Member, Congressional Fellow: Karla A Hagan (01/17 - 12/17)
Northern Virginia Comm Coll

Advisor: David Gross (01/17 - 12/17)
Univ of California - Santa Barbara

Education Advisor: Eric Brewe (01/17 - 12/18)
Drexel Univ

Industrial Advisor: Michael Alan Tamor (01/17 - 12/18)

Advisor: Laura H Greene (01/17 - 12/17)
Florida State Univ

APS Staff

Staff Advisor
Mark Elsesser (