Executive Committee

Officers in the Chair line serve four year terms.  First, they serve as Vice Chair, then as Chair-Elect, followed by Chair and, finally, as Past Chair.  The term for Secretary/Treasurer is three years and the term for Councillor is four years.  All Members-at-Large serve a three year term, starting in March.

Chair: Sally Fisher Hicks (04/19 - 03/20)
Univ of Dallas

Chair-Elect: Rene Bellwied (04/19 - 03/20)
Univ of Houston

Vice Chair: Professor Roland E Allen (04/19 - 03/20)
Texas A&M Univ

Past Chair: Carlos A Bertulani (04/19 - 03/20)
Texas A&M University, Commerce

Secretary/Treasurer: Professor Walter Mark Wilcox (04/17 - 03/20)
Baylor University

Member-at-Large: Christina Markert (04/17 - 03/20)
University of Texas at Austin

Member-at-Large: Professor Michael Kesden (04/17 - 03/20)
University of Texas at Dallas

Member-at-Large: Professor Joseph Haley (04/19 - 03/22)
Oklahoma State University-Stillwater

Member-at-Large: Jennifer Marshall (04/19 - 03/22)
Texas A&M Univ

Gray arrow Past Executive Committees


Assigned Council Representative
Nora Berrah
New England Section