All Recipients

Fall 2018

Undergraduate Posters

Marielle Gaspar, University of Texas at San Antonio
“Machine Learning Model to Predict Failure Modes of TRISO Particles under High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor Accident Conditions”

Ethan McGee, Texas Tech University
“Simultaneous Photometry: Vetting Exoplanets via the Transit Method”

Graduate Posters

Ram Neupane, University of Houston
“Enhanced Visible Light Activity in Titania Nanotube Based Heterojunction Photocatalysts for Solar Fuel Generation”

Hawra Alghasham, Texas Tech University
“Scanning Diffracted-Light images”

Undergraduate Talks

Deboar Mroczek, University of Houston
“Data Compression and Machine Learning for Quantum States”

Harsh Arya, University of Texas at Arlington
“A new design of an electrostatic quadrupole quadruplet focusing lens system for low MeV multi-ion micro-beam”

Boting Wang, Southern Methodist University
“Visualizing the sensitivity of hadronic experiments to nucleon structure”

Jiao An, University of Texas at Arlington
“First-principle Study of the TiO2 Single-walled Nanotubes for Photocatalysis”

Graduate Talks

Melia Bonomo, Rice University
“The pepitope Model Quantifies a Novel Antigenic Distance to Predict Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness”

Timothy Burt, University of Houston
“Size and topology modulate the effects of frustration in protein folding”

Ziping Ye, University of Houston
“Detect Supernova Neutrinos with DarkSide-20k Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber

James Liman, Rice University
“The role of actin filament brancher Arp2/3 in the dynamics and structures of actomyosin networks”

Fall 2017

Undergraduate Posters

Sonam Lhamo, University of Texas at El Paso
Conductivity of CsH2PO4 and SiO2 composites under ambient and humid conditions over time

Kassie Marble, Tarleton State University
Testing the suitability of a newly engineered smart substrate (VYO4: Er+3, Yb+3, @Nd+3 nanoparticles) for future remote temperature sensing experiments

Carlos Cuellar, University of Texas at El Paso
Nanoscale Complexity in Room Temperature Ionic Liquid Mixtures: New Properties for Advanced Applications

Undergraduate Talks

John Jones, University of Dallas
Kepler K2 Observations and Modelling of Algol-type binary KIC201325017

Monica Lou, University of Texas at Dallas
Tracking Reactive Oxygen Species Activated Drug Activity on DNA Chips

Brian Collier, Texas State University
Magneto-Optical Faraday Effect in NiO and NiFeO Thin Films

Emily Churchman, Texas Lutheran University
Characterization of ParTI Phoswiches Using Charged Pion Beams

Akshat Tripathi, University of Texas at Arlington
Fast Data Readout with Microcontrollers For High Energy Physics

Graduate Posters

Elizabeth Sizemore, Texas Christian University
Exploring the Use of Graphene Oxide as Imaging/Sensing/Delivery Platform

Hope Murphy, Texas Christian University
Characterizing the efficacy of anticancer drug treatment using mathematical models

Juan Servin, University of Texas at Dallas
Corrections imposed by the Schwarzschild spacetime on the parameter space and bound debris of tidal disruption events

Graduate Talks

Matthew Proctor, University of Texas at Dallas
Modeling the Effects of Equatorial Ionospheric Disturbances on High Frequency Transmissions Through Ray Tracing

Milinda Pattanayak, Texas Tech University
Electrical switching, loop hysteresis and charge oscillation in VO2 micro-channel devices

Daniel Nagasawa, Texas A&M University
Chemical Abundance Measurements of Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxies Discovered by the Dark Energy Survey

Michael Hartos, Texas A&M University – Commerce
Impact of 7Be(alpha, gamma) reaction on Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

Matthew Stein, Southern Methodist University
A Preliminary Study of Frenkel Defects from SuperCDMS Soudan

Fall 2016 (Joint Meeting with the Four Corners Section)

Undergraduate Posters

Tyler Dodge, Colorado State University
Towards using Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy to investigate Spin-Lattice Couplings in Magnetic Materials

Evan Wyatt, Austin College
Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Thin Films

JC Canright, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Luminosity Curve Calculations and Applications in Radiation Hydrodynamics Codes

Undergraduate Talks

Joseph Hall, Brigham Young University
Beam target chamber for studying screening potentials in fusion

Ryder Fox, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Behind the Rapid Intensification of Hurricane Patricia, the strongest Recorded Hurricane in History

Tyler Bahr, Brigham Young University
Parameter Reduction of the Hodgkin-Huxley model of Action Potential Propagation

Kerrie Dochen, University of Colorado at Boulder
Diamond Muon Monitors for DUNE

Thomas Horning & Jamie Principato, Community College of Aurora &
Arapahoe Community College
Prototyping of a Durable and Inexpensive RICH Detector

Y.W. Pershad, Arizona State University
HemaDrop: A Technology to Determine Accurate Blood Composition via Homogeneous Thin Solid Films from Microliter Drops of Blood

Tyler Averett, Brigham Young University
Algebraic search for cooperative tilt patterns in networks of interconnected polyhedra

Alexander Souvall, Utah State University
Space Environment Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Seed Germination and Growth

Graduate Posters

Jose Martinez, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Automatic Studies of Continuing Current in Lightning Flashes

Syeed Ahmed, University of Texas at El Paso
Imaging the Drosophilia Brain with Two-Photon Fluorescences

Mahesh Koirala, University of Texas at El Paso
EPR Study of Superparamagnetism in Mn3O4 Nanoparticle Ensembles

Graduate Talks

Chandramouli Nyshadham, Brigham Young University
Discovering Materials using Machine Learning

Joshua Sadar, Arizona State University
Bottom-up preparation of nanopore array with self-aligned nanogap electrodes for single biomolecule characterization

Jonathan Gilbert, Colorado State University
Novel Cooling of Ultracold Atoms using Spatially Selective Optical Pumping

Christopher Hilgenberg, Colorado State University
Cosmic Ray Tagger for the Short-Baseline Neutrino Program

Carlos Diaz, University of Texas at El Paso
Density Functional Study on a Light-harvesting Carotenoid-porphryn-C60 Molecular Triad in Explicit Solvent

You Zhou, University of Arizona
Search for Pair production in trilepton of vector-like quarks that decay to a Z boson and a third-generation quark in trilepton final states in pp collisions with the ATLAS detector

Fall 2014

Undergraduate Students

Elizabeth Carlisle, Abilene Christian University
[J4.00005] Image stacking through a geometrical phase retrieval algorithm for JWST (Oral)
Elizabeth Carlisle, Scott Acton

Ruy Ibanez, University of Texas at Austin
[E4.00001] Observation of the Stratorotational Instability in Flow between Rotating Concentric Cylinders (Oral)
Ruy Ibanez, Bruce Rodenborn, Harry Swinney

Randy White, Texas A&M University
[H4.00001] Sensitivity to New Physics with the gDelayed + MET Final State (Oral)
Randy White

Graduate Students

Aditya Konduri, Texas A&M University
[B3.00005] Asynchrony-tolerant finite difference method for partial differential equations at extreme scales (Oral)
Aditya Konduri, Diego Donzis

Cedric Mayfield, University of Texas at Arlington
[H5.00011] Determining the Stability Zone for Single Phase Synthesis of Fe doped Bismuth Titanate Water-Splitting Photocatalysts (Oral)
Cedric Mayfield, Muhammad Huda

Brett Salmon, Texas A&M University
[E4.00009] The Star-Formation Rate and Stellar Mass Relation of Distant Galaxies (Oral)
Brett Salmon

Fall 2013

Undergraduate Students

Leonardo A. Bello Puentes, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Texas A&M University
[C2.00008] Automation of alumina nanopore fabrication by anodization (Oral)
Leonardo A. Bello Puentes, Igor V. Roshschin, Pavel Lapa

Vicente Estrada-Carpenter, Southwestern University
[D1.00009] Examining XMM Observations in the Galactic Bulge Survey Region (Poster)
Vicente Estrada-Carpenter

Graduate Students

Harisankar Namasivayam, University of Texas at Dallas
[B5.00009] Search for a new dark matter boson in the ATLAS detector (Oral)
Harisankar Namasivayam

Kunal Tiwari, Department of Physics, University of Texas at Arlington
[D1.00035] Role of apparent spatial periodicity of metal film and ac electric field on the surface plasmon resonance and interference effects in nematic liquid-crystals (Poster)
Kunal Tiwari, Blake Barnett, Suresh Sharma

Fall 2012

Undergraduate Students

Blake McCracken, Angelo State University
[B9-7] Characterization of Energetic Properties of Porous Silicon.
Blake McCracken

Hayden Morgan, Texas Christian University
[L4-10] Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy of Barnett Shale Core Samples.
Hayden Morgan, Milton Enderlin, C.A. Quarles

Jia Lerd Ng, Texas A&M University
[B3-5] The effects of bariatric surgeries on type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Jia Lerd Ng, Roberto Ortiz, Tyler Hughes, Michel Abou Ghantous, Othmane Bouhali, Abdelilah Arredouani, Roland Allen

Adam Simpson, Abilene Christian University
[B8-8] Using phonon imaging to measure elastic constants incrystals of low symmetry.
Adam Simpson, Elizabeth Carlisle, Tim Head

David To, Angelo State University
[E9-16] Measurement of the Top Quark Pair Production Cross Section using Muon+jets Data at CDF.
David To, Rachel Bernick, Wesley Ketchum, Young-Kee Kim

Graduate Students

Luis Basurto, University of Texas-El Paso
[E1-4] DFT Studies on Charge Transfer States of a Multi-chromophoric Organic Heptad Antenna.
Luis Basurto

Mehmet Umut Caglar, Texas Tech University
[B3-7] Efficient Stochastic Model Simulation by Using Zassenhaus Formula Approximation and Kronecker Product Analysis.
Mehmet Umut Caglar, Ranadip Pal

Joseph Coleman, University of Texas-Dallas
[E9-24] Resonant Circuit Simulation and Development for LIGOLasers.
Joseph Coleman

Daniel Dominguez, Texas Tech University
[E9-9] Exploring the Quantum Limit for Surface Plasmon Polaritons.
Daniel Dominguez, Luis Grave de Peralta

Mkhitar Hobosyan, University of Texas-Brownsville.
[B9-20] Self-Assembled Nano-energetic Gas Generators based on Bi2O3.
Mkhitar Hobosyan, Tyler Trevino, Karen Martirosyan

Pankaj Kumar, Texas Christian University
[B5.3] Dynamics and stability of one-dimensional plasma with periodic boundary.
Pankaj Kumar, Bruce Miller

Liming Qiu, Texas Tech University
[B9.26] Multiscale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Beta-Amyloid Interactions with Neurons.
Liming Qiu, Mark Vaughn, Kelvin Cheng

Clement Sofka, Texas A&M University
[B4-4] Low Mass WIMP Search Using High Pressure Xenon Gas.
Clement Sofka

Kunal Tiwari, University of Texas-Arlington
[E5-8] Surface plasmon excitations at well-defined and not-so-well-defined interfaces.
Kunal Tiwari, Ankit Singh, Suresh Sharma

Jung Woo, Texas A&M University
[B1-4] Energy Efficient Tunnel Transistors Using Dielectric-Gated Band Engineered Tunnel Junctions.
Jung Woo, Iman Rezanejad, Rusty Harris

Fall 2011

Undergraduate Students 

Dawn Lipscomb, UT-San Antonio
[H1-15] Determining favorable Binding Configurations of the Anti-Cancer Drug Ellipticine to the KV11.1 Potassium Channel V-VI Transmembrane Domain Through Autodock Simulations.
Dawn Lipscomb, Saverio Gentile, Lorenzo Brancaleon 

Christopher Benson, Texas A&M
[N8-3] Structured Cable for High-current Coils of Tokamaks.
Christopher Benson, Peter McIntyre, Akhdiyor Sattarov, Thomas Mann

Mauricio Flores, UT Brownsville
[F6-2] The Effect of white non-stationary Data on drifting Signal Detection.
Mauricio Flores, Alexander Stroeer, Matthew Benacquista 

Graduate Students 

Kunal Tiwari, UT Arlington
[H1-36] Evidence for evanescent waves at interfaces in a high-index prism/liquid-crystal-Au-NPs/glass/air structure and effects of relative concentration of fold nanoparticles, wavelength, polarization, and incident angle of the laser beam.
Kunal iwari, Ankit Singh, Suresh Sharma 

Andrew Liao, Texas A&M 
[N7-4] In Vitro Microtubule and Motor Protein Motion on Glass.
A.L. Liao, A. Sikora, D. Oliveira, K. Kim, M. Umetsu, T. Adschiri, W. Hwang, W. Teizer. 

Denis Myasishchev, Texas Tech
[F5-3] Thermal Conductivity and Specific Heat of Ni nanowires.
Denis Myasishechev, Nenad Stojanovic, Tryo Mils, Jordan Berg, Mark Holtz.

Fall 2010

Undergraduate Students 

Andrea Katz, Trinity University
[SM2.008] Distribution of Carbon and Sulfur in the Crab Nebula
Andrea Katz, Gordon MacAlpine

Anthony Sigillito, University of Dallas
[SM5.009] The Design and Fabrication of Bismuth Hall Effect Biosensors
Anthony Sgillito, Martin Rudolph, Vicki Soghomonian, J.J. Heremans

John Calvin Martinez, TAMU Kingsville
[SM4.006] New Trigger Logic for the STAR Forward Meson Spectrometer
John Calvin Martinez

Christopher Benson, UTSA
[FM4.005] Capacitive Stress Transducers in High-Field Superconducting Magnets
Christopher Benson, Peter McIntyre, Al McInturff,   Andrew Jaisle, Trey Holik

Kaleb Gilbert, Angelo State University
[FA1.010] Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of Gadolinium Gallium Oxide thin films
Kaleb Gilbert, Kunal Bhatnagar, Steve Jackson, Ravindranath Droopad, Wilhelmus Geerts, Toni Sauncy

Zachary Hernandez, St Marys University
[FP1.075] Exploration of Traveling Waves in High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Zachary Hernandez

Frank Ceballos, UT Brownsville
[FP1.016] Preliminary Results For the Distribution of Observable Pulsars Within the Galaxy
Frank Ceballos, Matthew Benacquista

Graduate Students

Kathleen Mandt, Southwest Research Institute
[FM2.005] Time-history of the isotopic ratios in Titan's atmosphere
Kathleen Mandt, Hunter Waite, Jared Bell, Brian Magee,

Nan-Hsin Yu, Baylor University
[SM5.006] Surface Reconstruction of TiO2} (001) Studied by STM and LEED
Nan-Hsin Yu, K.T. Park, Z. Liao, G. Li, X. He,   J. Teng,   J. Zhang, E.W. Plummer

Eddie Holik, TAMU College Station
[FM4.002] Construction of TAMU3: A 14 Tesla Nb3Sn Model Dipole
Eddie Holik, Raymond Blackburn, Nick Diaczenko, Tim Elliott, Andrew Jaisle, Alfred McInturff, Peter McIntyre, Dior Sattarov

Brent Randol, UTSA, SWRI
[FM2.007] Density correlations between solar wind and pick-up ions with New Horizons/SWAP near 11 AU
Brent Randol, David McComas

Amanda Gregory, Texas State University
[SM5.002] Magneto-Plastic Properties of Ion Beam Sputtered Thin Films on Nitinol Sheet Metal
Amanda Gregory, Wilhelmus J. Geerts, Anup Bandyopadhyay

Nathaniel Pogue, TAMU College Station
[FM4.003] Scientific analysis of materials and designs to increase reliability and performance of RF Superconductivity Cavities
Nathaniel Pogue , Peter McIntyre, Akhdiyor Sattarov, Charles Reece

Venkata Kummari, UNT
[FP1.069] Experimental Verification of Moseley's Law and the Measurement of Environmental, Pollution, and Biological Samples using X-Ray Fluorescence analysis
Venkata Kummari, Sahil Naik, Ritish Patnaik, Jerome Duggan, Bibhudutta Rout

Sreerenjini Chandra, UTSA
[FP1.010] Analyses of the Ultraviolet Spectra of Er3+ in Er2O3 and Er3+ in Y2O3
Sreerenjini Chandra, John B. Gruber, Gary W. Burdick, Dhiraj K. Sardar

Fall 2009

Undergraduate Students

Ryan Hall, UT Austin
[D1.00019] Characterization of Electronics and Software in QUARTIC Detectors for High-Energy Physics
Ryan Hall

Matthew James, Angelo State University
[G1.00002] Temperature dependence of the internal piezoelectric field in a single InGaAs strained quantum well
Matthew James, Toni Sauncy

T. Jones, UT M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
[B2.00007] Altering Beamline Components to Reduce the Cost of Prostate Cancer Treatment
T. Jones, A. Geibler, R. Zhang, W. D. Newhauser

Andrea Katz, Trinity University
[B4.00003] Investigation of Carbon Abundance in the Crab Nebula
Andrea Katz, Timothy Satterfield, Gordon MacAlpine

Travis Neeley, Sam Houston State University
[C1.00006] Zr Doping Effects on LiFePO_4 Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Travis Neeley, Jacob Hill, Julio Sanchez-Berlanga, Gan Liang, Hui Fang

Thomas Remmert, Texas State University – San Marcos
[B4.00009] Analyzing broadband electromagnetic pulses to geo-locate lightning
Thomas Remmert

Graduate Students

Robert Bruntz, UT Arlington
[G2.00004] Simulating the viscous interaction under a variety of solar wind conditions, with some comparisons to satellite data
Robert Bruntz, Ramon Lopez, Micah Weberg, John Lyon, Michael Wiltberger

Rajarshi Chakraborty, UT Arlington
[D1.00023] Chemical vapor deposition of nanodiamonds and study of their structural, optical, and electronic properties
Rajarshi Chakraborty, Kyle La Roque, Suresh Sharma

Martin Codrington, Texas A&M University
[G4.00005] Gamma-Jet Measurements in Au+Au Collisions with the Solenoidal Tracker At RHIC (STAR)
Martin Codrington

Wenlong Yang, Texas A&M University
[G3.00005] Optical precursor in Rb Vapor
Wenlong Yang, Alexei Sokolov

Xiang Zheng, Texas A&M University
[C1.00012] NMR Studies of Sn clathrates
Xiang Zheng, Sergio Rodriguez, Joseph H. Ross, Jr.

Fall 2008

Undergraduate Students

Kunal Bhatnagar, Angelo State University
[B2.00002] Interfacial Barrier Height by Internal Photoemission for Metal/Oxide/Semiconductor Structure
Kunal Bhatnagar, Nhan Nguyen

Amanda Gregory, Texas State University – San Marcos
[D1.00017] The Effect of Plastic deformation on the Magnetic Properties of thin Iron and Permalloy Films
Amanda Gregory, Kyle Smith, Clayton Moore, Anup Bandyopadhyay, Dan Palmer, Wim Geerts, Martin Sablik

James Matthews, Angelo State University
[C2.00006] Characterization and Design of Two-Axis Bi-Directional Microstages    
James Matthews, Tim Dallas, Ganapathy Sivakumar

Allison McMahon, Angelo State University
[H3.00004] Construction of a cost effective optical tweezers for manipulation of birefringent materials using circularly polarized light
Allison McMahon, Toni Sauncy

Henry Schreiner, III, Angelo State University
[J3.00002] Electronic Structure Calculations of NiTi Based Ternary Systems
Henry Schreiner, III, Jung-Hwan Song, Nicholas Hatcher, Arthur J. Freeman

Sarvagya Sharma, Abilene Christian University
[B3] Track Reconstruction for the NIFFTE TPC 
Sarvagya Sharma

Alexander White, Abilene Christian University
[E5.00007] Introduction to NIFFTE and its Data Acquisition System
Alexander White

Graduate Students

Paul Bruillard, Texas A&M University
[B3.00005] On the Connection Between Chiral Gravity and String Theory
Paul Bruillard, Melanie Becker

Sean Downes, Texas A&M University
[B3.00002] Chiral Supergravity in Three Dimensions
Sean Downes, Melanie Becker, Ergin Sezgin

Eddie Holik III, Texas A&M University
[J4.00002] A New Design and Model for Plasma Spraying with an Inductively Coupled RF Plasma Torch
Eddie Holik III, Peter McIntyre, Akhdiyor Sattarov

Manuel Ramos, UT El Paso
[J5.00008] Computational modeling on molybdenum sulfide grain boundary interfaces
Manuel Ramos

Sergio Rodriguez, Texas A&M University
[B4.00006] Calculation of NMR lineshapes for Ba-Al-Ge clathrates
Sergio Rodriguez, Weiping Gou, Joseph Ross

Fall 2007

Undergraduate Students

Mark Girard, Trinity University
[J3.00008] Using UV Illumination to Mitigate Excess Charge on Optics in Vacuum
Mark Girard, Dennis Ugolini

Daniel Jumper, Abilene Christian University
[E2.00006] Calibrating Scintillator position measurement for testing RPC modules for PHENIX at RHIC
Daniel Jumper

M. E. Kerbacher, Southwestern University
[F6.00004] Positron Emission Tomography: A Basic Analysis
M. E. Kerbacher, J. W. Deaton, L. C. Phinney, L. J. Mitchell, J. L. Duggan

Graduate Students

Sheldon Campbell, Texas A&M University
[J4.00001] Cosmic gamma-ray background anisotropies due to supersymmetric dark matter annihilation   
Sheldon Campbell

Michele Campisi, University of North Texas
[B1.00008]  Statistical Mechanical Proof of the Second Law of Thermodynamics based on Volume Entropy
Michele Campisi

Ximena Cid, UT Arlington
[F6.00014] The Use of Color as a Third Dimension on Maps
Ximena Cid, Ramon Lopez, Steven Lazarus

Stephen Nauyoks, Texas Christian University
[F2.00002] Crystallite structure of diamond-silicon carbide composites as a function of sintering temperature  
Stephen Nauyoks, L. Balogh, T. W. Zerda

Dmitry Pestov, Texas A&M University
[B5.00002] Towards Single-Shot Detection of Bacterial Endospores via Coherent Raman Spectroscopy
Dmitry Pestov, Xi Wang, Gombojav Ariunbold, Robert Murawski, Vladimir Sautenkov, Alexei Sokolov, Marlan Scully

Nathaniel Pogue, Texas A&M University
[E2.00008] Polyhedral Superconducting Cavities for Linac Colliders
Nathaniel Pogue, Peter McIntyre, Dior Sattarov

Feng Xie, Texas A&M University
[J3.00004] The Measurement and Simulation of Terahertz Difference Frequency Generation in Quantum Cascade Lasers
Feng Xie, Mikhail Belkin, Federico Capasso, Jerome Faist

Fall 2006

Undergraduate Students

Morgan Lynch, Angelo State University
[P1.00028] The Field Emission Properties of Gallium Nitride Nanoribbons
Morgan Lynch, Yudong Mo, Jose Perez

Jorge Munoz, UT El Paso
[OT1.00006] Probabilistic aspects of isoscaling
Jorge Munoz, Jorge Lopez, Claudio Dorso, Carlos Hernandez

Eric Pepin, University of Dallas
[OT1.00008] Interaural Coherence and Localization
Eric Pepin

Ezekiel Walker, Abilene Christian University
[HEP2.00009] Implementation of Vertex Reconstruction in the Search for Resonances in the 1610-1770 MeV Invariant Mass Region
Ezekiel Walker

Graduate Students

S. A. Bates, Texas Christian University
[P1.00013] FTIR Isotopic Study of the nu_1(sigma) Stretching Mode of Linear CrC_3 Condensed in Solid Ar
S. A. Bates, C. M. L. Rittby, W. R. M. Graham

Eunsin Lee, Texas A&M University
[HEP1.00008] Search for Heavy, Long-Lived Particles that Decay to Photons at CDF
Eunsin Lee, Max Goncharov, David Toback, Peter Wagner, Vyacheslav Krutelyov

M. P. Nadesalingam, UT Arlington
[P1.00009] Observation of the high sensitivity of Positron Annhilation induced Auger electron spectroscopy to thermally induced changes in the oxidation state of Cu atoms at the surface of previously oxidized Cu(100)
M. P. Nadesalingam, S. Mukherjee, N. Fazleev, B. R. Davis, J. Zhu, A. H. Weiss

Emmanuel Nenghabi, Texas Tech University
[CMP1.00002] Structural and electronic properties of the germanium-based clathrates Ge_46 and Ba_8Ge_46
Emmanuel Nenghabi, Charley Myles

Fall 2005

Undergraduate Students

Kevin Doyle, Trinity University
[C1.00002] Multiple Scattering of Terahertz Radiation in a Random Medium
Kevin Doyle, J. Pearce, Z. Jian, J. Deibel, D. Mittleman

Nicole Fox, University of North Texas
[A4.00006] Study of poly[N-isopropylacrylamide-co-Glycidal Methacrylate] Particle Size Under the Effects of Varying Phase Ratio, Initiator Dose and Temperature
Nicole Fox, Jun Zhou, Zhibing Hu

Tomas Hernandez, UT El Paso
[A4.00010] Elastic Properties, Mossbauer spectra and phonon density of states in FexCr1-x alloys
Tomas Hernandez, Matthew S. Lucas, Brent Fultz

Michelle Prewitt, Texas Christian University
[A4.00008] Planarizing Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Fibers
Michelle Prewitt, Nolan Nicholas, Jae Jang, Erik Haroz, Myung Kim, Hongwei Shan, Richard Smalley

Graduate Students

M. R. Ali, Texas Tech University
[B6.00014] Shifting of Cholesterol Maximum Solubility in Lipid Bilayers by Ceramide
M. R. Ali, J. Huang

Clarina dela Cruz, University of Houston
[C2.00001] Anisotropic lattice anomalies and the pressure effect on the ferroelectricity in multiferroic HoMn_2O_5 
Clarina dela Cruz, Fei Yen, Bernd Lorenz, Ching-Wu Chu, Marin Gospodinov, William Ratcliff, Jeffrey Lynn

Han Hsu, UT Austin
[B2.00006] Modeling graphene layers and single-walled carbon nanotubes with regularized delta-function potentials      
Han Hsu, L. E. Reichl

Zhenyu Zuo, University of Houston
[A2.00005] Enhanced Jc OF Multi-layer YBa_2Cu_3O_x Films 
Zhenyu Zuo, Ruling Meng, Tom Johansen, Irene A. Rusakova, Andrei Baikalov, Duc Pham, Cheng Fen, Ching-Wu Chu

Fall 2004

Undergraduate Students

Adam Aurisano, Richard Arnowitt, Teruki Kamon, David Toback, Peter Wagner
Signals in the Co-annihilation Region of Supersymmetry at the LHC
Research adviser: David Toback

Benjamin T. King, M. Amin Kayali, Wayne M. Saslow
Hysteresis of Two Inequivalent Planar Magnets with Anisotropy
Research adviser: Wayne Saslow

Graduate Students

Andrea M. Burzo, Alexei Sokolov
Additive Raman Technique for Generation and Control of Single Cycle Pulses
Research adviser: A. V. Sokolov

Elena Kuznetsova, Roman Kolesov, Olga Kocharovskaya
Suppression of excited-state absorption in laser crystals
Research adviser: Olga Kocharovskaya

Preeti S Yadav
Lateral Adhesive Forces of Sessile Drops and the role of three phase Contact line
Research adviser: Rafael Tadmor

Fall 2003

Michael Pate
[A2.002] Scattering of Charged Particles by Moving Image Charges on a Stationary Conducting Sphere
Michael Pate, Walter Borst (Department of Physics,Texas Tech University, Lubock, TX 79409)

Joseph Lambert
[A5.007] Increase Giant Unilamellar Vesicles (GUV) yield in physiological buffer.
Joseph Lambert, Geoffrey Lambright, Juyang Huang (Department of Physics, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409)

Francine Abrego
[B2.008] Diblock Copolymer Patterning on Silicon Substrates
Francine Abrego, Ben Stotts, Jeremy Jarl, Deborah C Koeck, David Donnelly, Heather C. Galloway (Physics - Texas State University - San Marcos), Gary Beall, Chad Booth, Patrick Cassidy (Chemistry and Biochemistry, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas)

Elizabeth Covington
[C1.006] Characterization of Planarized Low-k Dielectrics by Atomic Force Microscopy
Elizabeth Covington, Eric Botello, Wayne Stalsworth, James McDonald, Daniel White, Christine Williams, Michael Arthur, Deborah C. Koeck, David Donnelly, Heather Galloway (Department of Physics, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas)

Jason L. McAfee
[[D2.005] Nitrogen and N,H Complexes in Silicon
Jason L. McAfee, S.K. Estreicher (Department of Physics, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409)

Rayburn Thomas
[D3.005] Radiation Hardness of Optical Fibers
Rayburn Thomas (Department of Physics,Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409)

Fall 2002

Gioel Calabrese
[C1.007] Constraint-preserving boundary conditions in numerical relativity

Miguel Castro-Colin
[A2.007] Grazing-incidence measurement of amorphous structure modulation in thin film
SiO_2 on Si(001)
M. CASTRO-COLIN, W. DONNER, S.C. MOSS (Dep. of Physics, University of Houston, Texas, 77204-5005), R.J. NEMANICH (Dep. of Physics, N. Carolina State Univ., N. Carolina 27695), Z. ISLAM, S.K. SINHA (XFD/APS Argonne Nat. Lab., 9700 South Cass Av., Argonne, Illinois 60439)

Gregory W. Sherman
[B2.004] Modulated Light Scattering for Detection of Microscale Particles
G.W. SHERMAN, C.C. BRADLEY (Texas Christian University)

Barry Spurlock
[C3.006] Intercalibration of Photomultiplier Tube Test Benches for ATLAS
BARRY SPURLOCK, KAUSHIK DE (University of Texas at Arlington)

Fall 2001

Magnus Gustafsson
[AD02] Infrared Absorption Spectra of a Gas Mixture of Deuterium Hydride (HD) and Helium
MAGNUS GUSTAFSSON and LOTHAR FROMMHOLD, University of Texas at Austin

Ezra N. Purdy
[BE03] Laser Manipulation of Microscopic Bubbles
EZRA N. PURDY and CURTIS C. BRADLEY, Texas Christian University

Jason C. Hunnell
[BE06] Photodetachment of lithium negative ion (Li- (2s2 1S)) e- -Li(2p) above the Li(2p) threshold
J.C. HUNNELL and S.J. WARD, University of North Texas

Jeffery Gaspard
[DB03] Prospects for Searching for Excited Electron During Run II of the Fermilab Tevatron

Geoffrey Lambright
[DB04] Implementation of Radioactive Sources in Calorimeters Used in High-energy Particle Experiments

Felipe Salinas
[DD08] Optical Properties of Natural Melanin
FELIPE SALINAS and DHIRAJ SARDAR, University of Texas at San Antonio

Cristian Pantea
[EA03] b-SiC Formation on Diamond Crystals under High Pressure-High Temperature Conditions

Alan Figueroa
[EC01] A Periodic Table of Elementary Particles
ALLAN FIGUEROA and AKHTAR MAHMOOD, University of Texas Pan American

Fall 2000

Zane Arp
[A1.002] Utilization of Dispersed Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Jet-Cooled Molecules for Fingerprinting Electronic Excited State Vibronic Levels
Zane Arp, Jaan Laane (Texas A & M University, Department of Chemistry, College Station, TX 77843-3012)

K.E. Strecker
[A1.004] Cooling a Bose Fermi Mixture of Lithium Atoms to Quantum Degeneracy
K.E. Strecker, A.G. Truscott, R.G. Hulet (Rice University Houston Texas)

Thomas Sweet
[A1.007] Theoretical and experimental considerations on the efficiency and thermal susceptibility of the standard Nd3+:YVO4 (Yttrium orthovanadate) laser
Thomas Sweet, Dhiraj Sardar (The University of Texas at San Antonio)

Todd Timberlake
[A1.009] Resonance creation and periodic orbits
Todd Timberlake, Linda Reichl (University of Texas at Austin)

Agapi Emmanouilidou
[A2.007] Steering an eigenstate to a destination
Agapi Emmanouilidou (University of Texas at Austin, TX,78712), Xian Geng Zhao (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing 100088, China), Ping Ao (Department of Theoretical Physics,Umera University,901 87 Umera,Sweeden), Qian Niu (University of Texas at Austin,TX,78712)

J.M. Steele
[B1.006] Dielectrophoretic Trapping of Gold Nanoshells
J.M. Steele, A.J. Rimberg (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University), J.B. Jackson, N.J. Halas (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University)

Sarah Westcott
[B1.008] Electron-Impurity Interactions in the Relaxation of Hot Electrons in Gold-Gold Sulfide Nanoshells
Sarah Westcott, John Wolfgang, Peter Nordlander, Naomi Halas (Rice University)

Antonios Apostolou
[B3.006] Bubble entrainment from the impact of drops in superfluid ^4He
Antonios Apostolou (Graduate Program in Acoustics, The Pennsylvania State University), Jin H. So, J.D. Maynard (Department of Physics, The Pennsylvania State University)

Elizabeth Fernandez
[C1.007] Active Galaxies in the Perseus Supercluster
Elizabeth Fernandez (New Mexico Tech)

George Haidar
[C2.009] Aggregation of natural polymer chains
George Haidar, Jun Gao, Xihua Lu, Zhibing Hu (University of North Texas)

Spring 2000

Undergraduate Students

Danielle Rabidas
[A3.07] Study of the Level 1 Trigger Rate for GLAST
Danielle Rabidas, Daniel Suson, Raymond Detiveaux (Texas A & M University-Kingsville)

Zachary Rouse
[A1.14] Design and Construction of a Non-Ferrous Capacitive Pressure Gauge
Zachary Rouse, Stephen R. Savitski, Glenn Agnolet (Texas A & M University)

Graduate Students

Tracy Benninger
[A3.08] Physics with the Initial State Radiation Events at B-Factory Experiments
Tracy L. Benninger, Xinchou Lou (University of Texas at Dallas), William M. Dunwoodie (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)

Will Grigsby
[A1.06] Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy of Deuterated Species Using Self Assembling Tunnel Junctions
Will Grigsby (Texas Aamp;M University), Darin Zimmerman (Penn State Altoona College), Glenn Agnolet (Texas A & M University)

K. T. Kapale
[A2.09] Nonequilibrium Master Equation Approach to the Condensate Statistics of an Ideal Bose Gas
K. T. Kapale, V. V. Kocharovsky, M. O. Scully, M. Suhail Zubairy (Department of Physics and Institute for Quantum Studies, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX 77843)

Roman Kolesov
[A2.10] The resolution of gamma-ray laser dilemma
Roman Kolesov (Texas A & M University)

Hatcher Tynes
[B1.01] Polarotaxis in Nature: If they can see it, why can't we?
Hatcher Tynes, George Kattawar (Texas Aamp;M University Department of Physics)

Fall 1999

Undergraduate Students

Martha Navarro
[T22.08] A Semi-Classical Model to Study Nuclear Fragmentation
Martha Navarro (University of Texas at El Paso), Ariel Chernomoretz, Claudio Dorso (Universidad de Buenos Aires), Jorge Lopez (University of Texas at El Paso)

Alexis Thompson
[S12.02] Holographic Grating Relaxation Studies of Molecular Diffusion in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
Alexis L. Thompson, Wesley C. Campbell, Daniel R. Spiegel (Department of Physics, Trinity University)

Graduate Students

Jose Aguilar
[G42.04] Computer Simulations of The Early Stages Formation of Sn-Cu Alloys
Jose Aguilar, Ramon Ravelo (Physics Department and Materials Research Institute, University of Texas at El Paso), Michael Baskes (MST-8, Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Zane Arp
[H54.03] Spectroscopic Investigations of the Ground and Electronic Excited States of Indan
Zane Arp, Sachie Sakurai, Kevin Morris, Jaan Laane (Texas A&M University)

Ethan Honda
[S13.06] Oscillons and the Fine Structure of the non-linear Klein Gordon equation
Ethan Honda, Matthew Choptuik (Center for Relativity, The University of Texas at Austin)

James Lancaster
[F36.03] Spin-dependent studies of interactions between electron-spin-polarized He^+ ions and CO_2-covered surfaces
J.C. Lancaster, F.J. Kontur, F.B. Dunning, G.K. Walters (Physics Department and the Rice Quantum Institute, Rice University, 6100 S. Main Street, Houston, Texas 77005)

Windell Oskay
[H54.06] Recovering the Classical Limit with Noise in the Quantum Kicked Rotor
W.H. Oskay, V. Milner, D.A. Steck, M.G. Raizen (The University of Texas at Austin

Spring 1999

No meeting was held

Fall 1998 Winners

Graduate Students

Rainer Appel
[CB.08] Application of Raman Micro-imaging in Characterization of Polymers
Rainer Appel and T. W. Zerda, Texas Christian University, Forth Worth, Texas

Dae-il Choi
[CA.03] Dynamical Study of 3D Boson Stars
Dae-Il Choi and M. W. Choptuik, The University of Texas at Austin

Ricardo Claps
[CB.07] Raman Spectroscopy with High Power DiodeLasers
Ricardo Claps, The University of Texas at Austin

Scott Hawley
[CA.02] Multi-Scalar Stars and Their Relation to Critical Phenomena of Perturbed Boson Stars
Scott Hawley and Mathew Choptuik, Center for Relativity, The University of Texas at Austin

Juan Lara
[CA.07] Methods of Calculating the Neutrino Heating Effect in Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Juan Lara, Center for Relativity, The University of Texas at Austin

David Neilsen
[CA.05] Critical Collapse of Perfect Fluids
David Neilsen and M. W. Choptuik, Center for Relativity, The University of Texas at Austin

Moonsuk Seon
[CB.06] Raman Studies of Heavily Carbon Doped GaAs
Moonsuk Seon, M. Holtz, Texas Tech University, Lubbock; W. M. Duncan, T. S. Kim, Texas Instruments, Dallas

Rusty Towell
[BC.06] Measurement of the Flavor Asymmetry in the Nucleon Sea
Rusty Towell, Abilene Christian University, NuSea/Fermilab E866 Collaboration

Jagoda Urban-Klaehn
[CB.01] Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy of Rocks
Jagoda M. Urban-Klaehn and C. A. Quarles, Texas Christian University, Forth Worth

Spring 1998

Undergraduate Students

Martin Holt, Rice University, "Electronic Properties of V2O3 near a Mott Transition."

James Smith, Texas A&M University, "Modeling Financial Data as an Ergodic System."

T. B. Sweet, University of Texas San Antonio, "Optical and laser characteristics of Pyromethene BF2 dye in solid plastic host."

Graduate Students

Yandong Chen, University of North Texas, "Synthesis and Characterization of Er-doped Si Nanocrystals."

Kevin Morris, Texas A& M University, "Instrumentation for the Measurement of LIF and REMPI Spectroscopy of Jet-Cooled Molecules."

Fall 1997

Undergraduate Students

Chris J. Bednar, Texas A&M University, "Optical Pumping in High-F Magnetic Systems"

J. L. Hastings, Texas Tech University, "The Interaction of Hydrogen with Vacancy Clusters in Silicon"

Phil McJunkins, Texas A&M University, "Computer Analysis and Modeling of an Eclipsing Binary Star"

Jordi Mompart, Texas A&M University, "Quantum-jump approach to amplification without inversion in closed three-level systems"

Remus Nicolaescu, Texas A&M University, "Linewidth Narrowing of a Pulsed Alexandrite laser using intracavity phase modulation"

T. D. Sauncy, Texas Tech University, "Excitation Intensity Dependent Photoluminescence Studies of (100(- and (111(-grown In 0.22Ga 0.78As/GaAs strained single quantum wells"

Hami E. Teal, University of North Texas, "Development of Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Based on Temperature Sensitive Gels"

Jagoda Mary Urban, Texas Christian University, "Doppler Broadening and Residual Gas Measurements of Rocks as a Function of Temperature"

Spring 1997

Undergraduate Students

J. M. Clewell , University of North Texas, poster CC9, "Diamond Thin-film Thermionic Generator"

Frederick Gray, Rice University, paper CA2, "Neural network search for rare kaon decay events"

Graduate Student

Z. J. Qu , Texas Center for Superconductivity, University of Houston, paper CB5, "Magneto-transport Properties in Ag-doped YBCO 110-film"

Fall 1996

Zane Arp, Texas A&M University, "Vibrational Spectra and Pseudorotation of 1,3 Dithiolane and Tetrahydrothiophene."

A. W. Bigelow , University of North Texas, "A Compact Electrostatic Quadrupole Triplet Lens for a 200 kV Accelerator."

R. Coronado , University of Texas El Paso, "Signal Analysis Techniques for Gravity Wave Detection and Verification in Spacecraft Tracking Data."

D. R. Flanders , University of North Texas, "Experimental Investigation of Porous N-isopropylacrylamide (NIPA) Gels."

Chuguang He , Texas Tech University, "Madelung Energy Correction for Cluster Calculations of Defects in Compound Semiconductors."

L. Liu , Texas Tech University, "A Modified Single Photounting Technique for Determining Fluorescence Decay Times with Beta-Particle Sources."

C. A. Qualls , Texas A&M University-Commerce, "Spectral Analysis of Sonic Transducers Using Impulse Response Techniques."

K. F. Stephens , University of North Texas, "Space-Charge Saturated Electron Emission from a Plasma-Facing Material Surface"

Darin T. Zimmerman , Texas A&M University, "The Self-Assembling Tunnel Junction - An Adjustable Microscopic Junction for Vibrational Spectroscopy."

Spring 1996

Undergraduate Students

Alfredo Aranda , UT El Paso, "Phase space correlations in nuclear fragmentation."

Anne Mitchell , UT San Antonio, "Spectroscopic properties of YAG:Cr3+, Tm3+, Ho3+."

Graduate Students

Amir Azordegan , U North Texas, "Charge state dependence of L-shell x-ray production cross section for 4-14 Mev oxygen ions on 29Cu."

Kevin Morris , Texas A&M U, "Jet-cooled fluorescence spectra and carbonyl wagging of 2-chlorocyclopentanone."

Raymond Nazzario , Baylor U, "Dust bands of the planet Mars."

E. G. Roth , U North Texas, "Profiling hydrogen in materials using ion beams."

Fall 1995

Scott V. Franklin , UT Austin, "Plasticity and the motion of dislocations through a discrete lattice"

S. Liu , Texas Tech U., "Infrared and optical investigation of hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-C:H) and its alloys (a-C:H4N3F)"

E. Parkey , U. North Texas, "Mechanism for the formation of mounds and pits on gold using scanning tunneling microscopy"

T. Sauncy , Texas Tech U., "Temperature dependent lifetime and press ure studies of self-activated photoluminescence in doped GaAs"

Mark Sosebee , UT Austin, "Searches for supersymmetry with the D0 de tector" ;

S. F. Yelin , Max Planck Institut fur Quantenoptik and TAMU, "Quantum corrections to the Lorentz-Lorentz formula"

D. Young , Texas Tech U., "Study of slow wave structures in a backward wave oscillator."

Spring 1995

Undergraduate Students

D. Brain , Rice University, "Effect of Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 on the Jovian magnetosphere."

Robert Haaser , University of Dallas, "Analysis of potential health h azard near power-lines."

Steven Stubblefield , UT San Antonio, "Spectroscopic characterization of Bamgar:Nd33D (2 at. wt. %), a potential laser material."

Graduate Students

Dan Bruton , Texas A&M University, "The collision of comet Shoemaker -Levy 9 with Jupiter."

Neil Koone , Texas Christian University, : "Temperature dependence and surface modification effects of acetone diffusion within porous sol-gel silica glass"

Paul Sagear , Texas A&M University, "Ring-bending and carbonyl inversi on potential energy functions of jet-cooled 3-cyclopenten-1-one in its S1(n,E3*) electro nic excited state by laser induced fluorescence excitation."

John Wolfgang , East Texas State University, "First and second hyperpolarizabilities of liquid crystal molecules."