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This OSAPS newsletter was edited by Gabriela Popa, OSAPS past-chair.

The 2016 Annual Spring Meeting of the Ohio-Region Section of the APS (OSAPS) will be hosted by the University of Dayton, Department of Physics on April 8 – 9, as well as the SOS AAPT meeting on April 9

Location: The University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio

Dates: Friday and Saturday, April 8-9, 2016

Gray Arrow Meeting Website

The theme for this meeting is Nanophotonics II. We invite participants to submit abstracts in all sub-areas of nanophotonics and related areas.

Abstract submission is open until March 18, 2016. We welcome abstracts from all areas of physics.

Pre-registration for the meeting and the banquet is open until March 29, 2016. Make hotel reservations as soon as possible.

Students who present (poster or talk) at the OSAPS meeting are eligible for travel support from the OSAPS. The amount of the travel grant is up to $100 per student. More information

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:
Timothy Bunning, AFRL, WPAFB
Joseph Haus, University of Dayton
Natalia Litchinister, University of Buffalo
Ronald Reano, Ohio State University

After Banquet Speaker:
Robert Brecha, University of Dayton

Poster Session: The poster session will be held on Friday, April 8 from 4:15 PM - 5:30 PM in the North Dining Room, at the River Campus building. Posters should be no larger than 39" x 48" so that they can be pinned to the easel (push pins will be provided). Posters should be set up prior to the start of the poster session, and presenters should be available to answer questions during the entire poster session.

Gray Arrow Information for Presenters

We look forward to seeing you in Dayton April 8 - 9.

For further information, contact the meeting organizers:

Mo Ahoujja
(937) 229-2735

Perry Yaney
(937) 271-1924 - Updated Phone Number

Election results for the Executive Committee of the Ohio-Region Section of the APS

It is my pleasure to announce election results for the Executive Committee of the Ohio-Region Section of the APS: Petru Fodor, of Cleveland State University, will be our new Vice Chair; Ulrich Zurcher, also of Cleveland State University, will be secretary; and Jay Mathews, of the University of Dayton, will continue as member-at-large. I deeply appreciate their willingness to serve the OSAPS by volunteering to stand for election to the Executive Committee. The OSAPS and our twice yearly meetings fill a real need for many of our institutions and their faculty and students. It is an enterprise worth our time. Thank you again,

Laura Van Wormer
(Outgoing) Secretary, OSAPS
Hiram College

Mark your calendar for the 2016 Fall Meeting of the OSAPS, Bowling Green State University,
October 7-8, 2016

Mark your calendar for the 2016 Fall Meeting of the OSAPS at Bowling Green State University, October 7-8, 2016. Stay tuned for more information about the fall meeting at the 2016 Spring Meeting of the OSAPS at Dayton State University. Details about the abstract submission and registration will be posted on the OSAPS webpage, and sent my email to members of the OSAPS.

Ohio-Region Section of the APS, Fall 2015 Meeting: October 16 & 17, 2015 at Cleveland State University

By Dr. Ulrich Zurcher, Associate Professor of Physics

OSAPS poster session
Photo taken by Gabriela Popa, Ohio University Zanesville

Discussions during the poster session at Cleveland State University, October 16, 2016.

OSAPS SPS tables
Photo taken by Gabriela Popa, Ohio University Zanesville

Society of Physics Students meeting. The gallery of banners “Light Beyond the Bulb - Light Based Technologies” created an informative background.

OSAPS meeting group photoOSAPS poster session birds-eye view
Photos taken by Petru Fodor, Cleveland State University

(Left) Fowler award: Eric Baer is the second person from left (also seen are Jim Andrews and Mike Crescimanno, both YSU, and their wives)

(Right) View of the poster session (held at the Student Center CSU)

The meeting was organized by Drs. Petru Fodor and Ulrich Zurcher. The theme of the meeting was “Physics in Biology and Medicine” with invited speakers Dr. Kevin Wood (University of Michigan, “Cell density modulates antibiotic efficacy, optimal treatment, and the evolution of resistance in bacteria”), Dr. Gregory Clement (Lerner Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Noninvasive focused ultrasound brain”), Dr. Hanna Salman (University of Pittsburgh, “Understanding population phenotype variability through single-cell dynamics”), Esther Hopkins and Belinda Clark (Ohio Department of Higher Education, “Ohio’s Learning Standards in Science and the Next Generation Science Standards), and the after-dinner speaker Dr. Peter Hoffmann (Wayne State University, “The physics of life: Molecular machines”). A total of 32 posters and 23 contributed talks were presented.

The Section presented the William Fowler Award to Dr. Eric Baer, Professor of Macromolecular Science, CWRU for distinguished research in polymer science and engineering (Dr. R. Hengehold, presenter). On Saturday, the meeting was combined with the Fall 2015 Meeting of the Northern Ohio Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) and the Zone 7 Meeting of the Society of Physics Student (SPS). A total of about 110 persons attended the 2-day meeting.

A unique feature at the Fall 2015 OSAPS meeting was the colorful, eye-appealing and very informative gallery of banners assembled and presented by Dr. Corneliu Rablau of Kettering University during the two- day meeting under the header Light Beyond the Bulb - Light Based Technologies, in celebration of the International Year of Light. The banners present a cross-section of the broad applications of light and are aimed at raising awareness about how light-based technologies are changing the landscape of our daily lives, promote sustainable development and provide solutions to global challenges.

From the Annual Meeting of the OSAPS, Kent State University, March 27-28, 2015

By Michael Strickland, Assistant Professor of Physics

The 2015 Spring meeting of the Ohio-Region Section of the American Physical Society (OSAPS) was held on Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28 2015 at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. The theme for this meeting was the physics of the QCD phase diagram. The plenary talks covered both experimental and theoretical aspects of relativistic heavy ion collisions and astrophysics. There were twelve parallel sessions with topics including nuclear physics, high-energy particle physics, nuclear/particle astrophysics, condensed matter, biophysics, soft matter, medical physics, atomic/molecular/optical (AMO), computational physics, chemical physics, material sciences, astronomy/cosmology/gravitation, plasma physics, applied physics, and physics education. There were 66 contributed talks and 44 posters spanning these topics. The total attendance of the meeting was 185, which made it one of the most well-attended OSAPS meetings in recent years. Pictures from the meeting can be found at:

Gray Arrow Meeting Pictures

OSAPS meeting crowd lobby
Photo taken by Jim Maxwell, Kent State University

View of the poster session at the 2015 Spring Meeting of the OSAPS at Kent State University, March 27, 2015.

Executive Meeting at 10:00 a.m.
Friday, April 8, 2016

Executive Committee

Chair: Dennis Kuhl (05/15 - 04/16)
Marietta College

Chair-Elect: Jeffrey Dyck (05/15 - 04/16)
John Carroll University

Vice Chair: Snjezana Balaz ( 5/15 - 04/16)
Youngstown State University

Past Chair: Gabriela Popa (05/15 - 04/16) 
Ohio University

Secretary: Laura Van Wormer (05/10 - 04/16)
Hiram College

Treasurer: Anthony Day (05/11 - 04/17)
John Carroll University

Council Observer: Gordon Aubrecht (05/14 - 04/17)
The Ohio State University

Member-at-Large: Jay Mathews (05/15 - 04/16)
University of Dayton

Member-at-Large: Julie Roche (05/15 - 04/18)
Ohio University

Student Member: Michael McMaster (05/15 - 04/17)
Youngstown State University

Non-Voting Officials and Special Appointees:

Honors & Awards Chair: Robert L. Hengehold
Air Force Institute of Technology

Webmaster: Perry P. Yaney
University of Dayton

The articles in this newsletter represent the views of their author(s) and are not necessarily those of the Unit or APS.