Complete List of Previous Symposia

Year: Location, Host, Topic
2020 Spring: Albany, NY, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Physics of Power Electronics
2019 Fall: Corning, NY, Corning Museum of Glass, Physics of Optical Materials
2019 Spring: Yorktown Heights, NY, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, The Physics of A.I.
2018 Fall: Fredonia, NY, State University of New York at Fredonia, Philanthropic Physical Sciences
2018 Spring: Binghamton, NY, State University of New York at Binghamton, Topology and Correlation in Quantum Mechanics
2017 Fall: Schenectady, NY, Union College, Gravitational Waves
2017 Spring: Buffalo, NY, University at Buffalo, Materials for Renewable Energy
2016 Fall: Troy, NY, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Physics of 2D Materials
2016 Spring: Bronxville, NY, Sarah Lawrence College, Art and Physics
2015 Fall: Poughkeepsie, NY, Vassar College, Computations in Physics
2015 Spring: Fredonia, NY, State University of New York at Fredonia, Quantum Computing and Communications
2014 Fall: Plattsburgh, NY, State University of New York at Plattsburgh, Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate
2014 Spring: Oswego, NY, State University of New York at Oswego, Astrophysics for the New Century
2013 Fall: Pleasantville, NY, Pace University (Westchester), Physics in Nature
2013 Spring: Aurora, NY, Wells College, Recent Advances in Physics
2012 Fall: Buffalo, NY, Canisius College, Physics of Water
2012 Spring: Binghamton, NY, State University of NY, Energy materails
2011 Fall: Oneonta, NY, State University of NY, Superconductivity and Applications
2011 Spring: Albany, NY, Albany Nanotech Center, The Physics of Carbon Electronics
2010 Fall: Hempstead, NY, Hofstra University, Origins: Origins of the Universe, Solar System, and Life
2010 Spring: Schenectady, NY, Union College, Nuclear Applications
2009 Fall: Ithaca, NY, Ithaca College, Physics and Archeology
2009 Spring: Rochester, NY, University of Rochester, Harnessing Photons: From Energy to Entanglement
2008 Fall: Corning, NY, Corning Research, A Century of Optics and Materials
2008 Spring: Ithaca, NY, Cornell University, Accelerator Physics
2007 Fall: Saratoga Springs, NY, Skidmore College, Planets - Geophysical and Astrophysical Perspectives
2007 Spring: West Point, NY, US Military Academy at West Point, Physics in a New Light
2006 Fall: Potsdam, NY, SUNY Potsdam, Acoustics, Musical and Physical
2006 Spring: Canandaigua, NY, Finger Lakes Community College, Physics and Technology of Microsystems
2005 Fall: Hamilton, NY, Colgate University, Albert Einstein and his Legacy
2005 Spring: Rochester, NY, RIT, Physics of Squishy Things
2004 Fall: Brooklyn, NY, City University of New York, Physics of the Microworld: From Quarks to Nanostructures
2003 Fall: Upton, NY, Brookhaven National Labs, Particle Accelerator Frontiers and New Physics Potential Workshop
2003 Spring: Geneseo, NY, SUNY Geneseo, Physics of Everyday Phenomena
2002 Fall: Syracuse, NY., Syracuse Univ., The Small, the Large and the Universe
2002 Spring: Oneonta, NY, SUNY Oneonta, Energy and Environment
2001 Fall: Albany, NY, SUNY Albany/RPI, Biophysics with Nanotechnology
2001 Spring: Yorktown Hts, NY, IBM Research Division, Nanotechnology
2000 Fall: Buffalo , NY, SUNY Buffalo, Astrophysics
2000 Spring: Corning, NY, Corning CC, Astrophysics: Tools, Research and Theory
1999 Fall: Brockport, NY, SUNY Brockport, Low T Physics/Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos
1999 Spring: Murray Hill, NJ, Lucent Technologies, Physics of Telecommunications
1998 Fall: Troy, RPI, Advances & Applications in Magnetism
1998 Spring: Rochester, Kodak, Xerox, U.R., The Physics of Imaging
1997 Fall: Saratoga Springs, Skidmore College, A Century of Modern Physics
1997 Spring: Hamilton, Colgate U., Lasers in Science
1996 Fall: Ithaca, Cornell U., Space Science
1996 Spring: Yorktown Heights, IBM, 21st Century Computing
1995 Fall: Rochester, RIT, Advances in Alternate Energy
1995 Spring: Schenectady, G.E. R&D Center, Physics & Medicine
1994 Fall: Binghamton, Binghamton U., Physics of Everyday Phenomena
1994 Spring: New Paltz, SUNY College New Paltz, Geophysics
1993 Fall: Buffalo, SUNY Buffalo, Nanostructures
1993 Spring: Corning, Corning Glass, Physics of Disordered Materials
1992 Fall: Upton, Brookhaven Nat. Labs, Heavy Ion Physics
1992 Spring: Syracuse, Syracuse U., Biological Physics
1991 Fall: Saratoga Springs, Skidmore College, Atmospheric Physics
1991 Spring: Rochester, RIT, The Science of Imaging
1990 Fall: Poughkeepsie, IBM, Supercomputing & Supercomputers
1990 Spring: Alfred, Alfred U., Physics of Advanced Materials Systems
1989 Fall: Troy, RPI, Nanometric Probes of Matter
1989 Spring: Geneseo, SUNY at Geneseo, Life Cycle of a Star
1988 Fall: Ithaca, Cornell U., Particle Beam Generation & Interactions
1988 Spring: Schenectady, Union College, Superconductivity
1987 Fall: Buffalo, Calspan at Ramada Hotel, Physics of Fluids
1987 Spring: Briarcliffe Manor, Philips Laboratories, Thin Films and Microelectronics
1986 Fall: Syracuse, Syracuse U., Cosmology & Elementary Particles
1986 Spring: Upton, Brookhaven Nat. Labs, Detectors for New Physics
1985 Fall: Schenectady, G.E. R&D Center, Physics of Medical Imaging
1985 Spring: Corning, Corning Glass, Physical Properties & Applications of Glass
1984 Fall: Rochester, U. of Rochester, Honoring Lee Alvin DuBridge
1984 Spring: West Point, U.S. Military Academy, Physics of International Security
1983 Fall: Canton, St. Lawrence U., Physics of the Environment
1983 Spring: Oneonta, SUNY Oneonta, Physics and Computing
1982 Fall: Rochester, Eastman-Kodak Co., Physics of Polymers
1982 Spring: Cortland, SUNY Cortland, Elementary Particle Physics
1981 Fall: Buffalo, SUNY Buffalo, Interfacial Physics: New Frontier
1981 Spring: Pleasantville, Pace U., Energy: Alternate Sources & Storage
1980 Fall: Albany, SUNY at Albany, Particle-Solid Interactions
1980 Spring: Ithaca, Cornell U., Synchrotron Radiation & Applications
1979 Fall: Rochester, Xerox, UR, Kodak, The Laser & Applications
1979 Spring: Syracuse, Syracuse U., Relativity & Gravitation
1978 Fall: Yorktown Heights, IBM, Physics in Modern Electronics
1978 Spring: Schenectady, Union College, Topics in Biological Physics
1977 Fall: Rochester, RIT, Geophysics: Molecules to Mountains
1977 Spring: Hamilton, Colgate U., Modern Astrophysics
1976 Fall: New Paltz, SUNY New Paltz, Physics at Extreme Conditions
1976 Spring: Oswego, SUNY Oswego, Energy Technology
1975 Fall: Rochester, Kodak, Physics of Image Recording
1975 Spring: Upton & Stony Brook, BNL & SUNY Stony Brook, Particle Physics
1974 Fall: Buffalo, SUNY Buffalo, Modern Acoustics
1974 Spring: Brooklyn, Brooklyn College of CUNY, Uses for Low Energy Accelerators
1973 Fall: Troy, RPI, Electronic Physics of Organic Materials
1973 Spring: Cortland, SUNY Cortland, Irreversibility, Time Reversal, Expanding Universe
1972 Fall: Rochester, RIT, Atmospheric Physics
1972 Spring: Poughkeepsie, IBM, Modern Optics
1971 Fall: Geneseo, SUNY Geneseo, Plasma Physics: Fusion Power, Arcs, Ionosphere
1971 Spring: Corning, Corning Glass Works, Physics of Electronic Devices