Mid-Atlantic Section Logo Competition

The Mid-Atlantic Section of the American Physical Society (M-ASAPS) was established in November 2012. The executive committee has decided that a logo would further define our section. This logo will be used on our official newsletter, our website, any social media sites that we have in the future, and all other official section correspondence. Therefore, the Executive Committee is pleased to announce a competition to let our members design our new logo.

The rules and conditions for the competition are:
  1. The logo competition is open to ALL SECTION MEMBERS. You must be a member of the Mid-Atlantic Section to submit a logo design. You may have a section member submit your design if you do not want to join, but that member would be the one declared the winner, not you. Section membership is free, and there are no restrictions on where a member may live, so why not join and bask in the glory yourself. Members of the executive committee are in eligible for the competition.
  2. The logo must incorporate one of the official titles/acronyms for the Section. There are no restrictions on font, color, size, or appearance of the chosen title/acronym. The acceptable titles/acronyms are:
    • “Mid-Atlantic Section of the American Physical Society”
    • “Mid-Atlantic Section of the APS”
    • “M-ASAPS”
    • “MASAPS”
  3. The logo should, in some way, incorporate the idea of the “Mid-Atlantic” section. For possible inspiration, logos of the other sections (not every section has a logo) are shown at the bottom of this page. Further information about the section can be found at the website, http://www.aps.org/units/mas/index.cfm.
  4. The logo must incorporate the official APS logo. The APS logo, along with further information and restrictions pertaining to it, can be found at the website, http://www.aps.org/about/logo.cfm.
    Brief restrictions regarding the APS logo:
    • The APS logo is a trademarked design and the font cannot be changed.
    • Its size can be changed only if the proportions remain true to the original design.
    • It may only be rendered in the accepted colors shown on the website above.
    • The APS logo cannot be redrawn. For example, if your section logo design was meant to look hand-drawn, the APS logo must be used as is.
  5. The logo design must be submitted electronically to jtedesco@email.com in one the following image formats: Bitmap, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, or PNG.
  6. Only one submission per member will be considered. If a member submits multiple designs, he or she will be contacted to select one for consideration.
  7. The logo competition will begin on March 1, 2013 and end on October 1, 2013. Submissions received before March 1 or after October 1 will not be considered.
  8. Qualifying logo designs will be judged first by the logo committee and a final slate will be selected, from which the winning design will be selected by the Executive Committee in November. The winner will be announced in the year-end newsletter, pending approval by the national APS headquarters. The winner will receive official recognition and all the glory that comes along with seeing your logo prominently displayed on all official Section correspondence and at Section events. The copyright to the logo will be retained by the Section.

    We look forward to receiving your logo submissions. Be creative, be imaginative, and let the right side of your brains run wild. Good luck!

    Fig. 2. Logos of the other APS sections that have them, the California-Nevada Section, the Ohio-Region Section, the Texas Section, and the Southeastern Section

    Logos of the other APS sections that have them, the California-Nevada Section, the Ohio-Region Section, the Texas Section, and the Southeastern Section.