James E. Faller
National Institute of Science & Technology


"For the development of sensitive gravitational detectors and their successful application to the study of physics and geophysics."


Chief, Quantum Physics Division of NIST; Fellow of JILA: and Professor Adjoint, Department of Physics. A.B. 1955, Indiana University; Ph.D. 1963, Princeton

Employment history: Faculty Member Wesleyan University: Assistant Professor 1966-1968, Associate Professor 1968-1971 and Professor 1971-1972; Fellow of JILA, 1972-2006; Chairman, JILA, 1995-1996; Chief, Quantum Physics Division of NIST, 1996-2006.

Research interests include geophysics, experimental relativity, fundamental constants, and precision measurement and null experiments designed to look for possible invalidations of accepted physical laws at some extreme of magnitude.

Professional Memberships: Fellow of the American Physical Society, the American Geophysical Union, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Optical Society of America and Member, the International Astronomical Union.

Awards: Joseph F. Keithley Award, 2001; Federal Laboratory Consortium Technology Transfer Award, 1992; Department of Commerce Gold medal, 1990; NASA Group Achievement Award and also NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal, 1973; Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, 1972-1973; National Bureau of Standards Precision Measurement Award, 1970; And Arnold O. Beckman Award of the Instrument Society of America, 1970.

Selection Committee:

Robert J Soulen (Chair), James Harvey Kaufman, Calvin F. Quate ('00 Recipient), H. Kumar Wickramasinghe ('00 Recipient), Marvin E. Cage (Vice Chair), James R. Matey