Physics & Society: April 2009

Volume 38, Number 2

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The Future of US Nuclear Weapons
Richard L. Garwin
Changes in the Flow of Energy through the Earth’s Climate System
Kevin E. Trenberth
Review of the 2008 APS Energy Study, Energy Future: Think Efficiency
David Hafemeister
Comments on Yucca Mountain and Nuclear Energy<sup>1</sup>
David Bodansky
Light Pipes: An FPS Student Fellowship Research Project
Erin Owens
Cameron Reed Is New Editor of P&S
Barbara G. Levi
Cameron Reed
Statement from the Outgoing Forum Chair
Andrew P. Zwicker
Statement from the Incoming Forum Chair
Don Prosnitz
Forum News
APS Fellowship
Call for Nominations
FPS to Honor Award Winners and New Fellows
APS Denver Meeting
Letters to the Editor
Yuca Mountain Standards
Benjamin Ross
Climate Change
Vladislav Bevc; Hafemeister & Schwartz Response
Reprints of Interest
DOE Report Recommended Increasing Nuclear Waste at Yucca
Rob Boisseau
Found Plutonium Reveals Clues to T Plant"s First Run
Annette Cary
Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning
By George Monbio, Reviewed By Louis Schwartzkopf
Hiroshima: The World’s Bomb
By Andrew J. Rotter, Reviewed By John L. Roeder

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