It is very gratifying to see that a number of the issues which have been raised in this Journal in the past still continue to draw interest and comment from our readers. Equally pleasurable is the knowledge that our readership extends far beyond the borders of the U.S. The relationship between science and religion is one of these issues. The Commentary on the subject in January drew three objecting letters, which I have included here. Another of our continuing interests is the subject matter of the current play "Copenhagen". This issue presents a view, from Germany, of the topic contrary to those we have published previously. Our discussion of the civil aspects of nuclear power continues with two letters and an article whereas a review and commentary look at nuclear power's military aspects: "the bomb."

A new subject for us is science education. This issue contains two articles on the subject - one with cartoons!

Finally, we are happy to announce that our Journal now has a news Editor, Jeff Marque, who has also agreed to serve as general co-editor, thus broadening the vision we can present to you.