Volume 22, Number 4 October 1993


Committee Volunteers Needed!

In its operations the Forum on Physics and Society depends on committees, such as the Awards Committee, Fellowship Committee, Nominating Committee, and the Editorial Board for Physics and Society. If you are a member of our Forum and would be willing to help, please let us know. Contact our Chair: Marc Ross, Physics Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI 48109.

Contribute to the Contributed Paper Session!

Given the upsurge in research on Forum-related issues arising from national and international changes in the last two or three years, the Forum is encouraging contributed papers for a session at the next April meeting, 18-22 April 1994, in Crystal City, VA. The overall session subject will be "Energy, Environment, and Arms Control: A New Era?" To help assure enough papers for the session, contributors are encouraged to draft an abstract by the end of October, and to send a copy to the Forum's program chair: Anthony Nero, Building 90 - Room 3058, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720. Further, if you know someone who ought to contribute a paper, you might encourage that person to do so.

Forum Membership

Some recent APS membership counts, rounded to the nearest 100, as of December 1992:

				Number	Percent of total
Total APS membership		43,700		100% 
The 3 largest divisions (there are 13 divisions in all):
	Condensed matter	 5,200		 13%
	Particles and fields	 3,400		  8%
	Nuclear			 2,900		  7%
	International Phys	 6,600		 15%
	Physics & Society	 4,800		 11%
	History			 2,700		  6%
	Education 		 2,600		  6%

The Forum's membership has climbed from 4,500 a year ago to 4,800 this year, a 7% gain. During the same period, APS membership increased by 1.2%. The Forum's share of the total APS membership climbed from 10.4% to 11.0%.

Forum members are urged to share their newsletter, and other Forum information, with their colleagues, and urge colleagues to join the Forum! Free membership is available to APS members simply by checking "Forum on Physics and Society" on you APS membership renewal form, or by sending in the form at the end of this "News" section! Surely more than 11% of the APS membership is interested in science-and-society issues.

Join the Forum! Receive Physics and Society!

Physics and Society, the quarterly of the Forum on Physics and Society, a division of the American Physical Society, is distributed free to Forum members and libraries. Nonmembers may receive it by writing to the editor; voluntary contributions of $10 per year are most welcome, payable to the APS/Forum. We hope that libraries will archive Physics and Society . Forum members should request that their libraries do this!

APS members can join the Forum and receive Physics and Society by mailing the following information to the editor (see page 2 for address)!

I am an APS member who wishes to join the Forum:

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